Flight Line, a local corporation known for providing transportation from the Merrimack Valley to Boston and Manchester airports, ended services permanently as of Saturday.

An announcement that appeared on the company’s website last week explains seven vans are for sale as a result.

The Salem, N.H., based company with a park and ride location in Andover offered transportation to other Boston locations. 

The downfall of the business is directly linked to the coronavirus pandemic, according to owner James Dowd.

Flight Line offered three types of services pre-pandemic, Dowd explained: communal rides, transportation from Park and Rides, and private van services.

The first two –– which account for two thirds of the company’s revenue –– were totally eliminated in order to stay compliant with COVID-19 safety protocols, according to the owner.

“We have continued to offer private van service but the number of private trips is off 70% and has not increased in the past four to five months,” Dowd said.

Put simply, people who used to travel are not.

“Trips to Disney, cruises, even holiday traffic is way off or non-existent,” he said. “Usually this time of year people like to book for the spring vacation in advance, almost an annual pilgrimage.”

The tradition was a huge boost to revenue, Dowd said. Instead, 10 vans have remained parked for most of this year with only four occasionally used.

A small business loan was not enough to save the company founded in 1981.



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