More than a month has passed since the off-duty fire lieutenant who asked a 19-year-old, dark-skinned Dominican woman if she was stealing mail from her own mailbox was placed on paid administrative leave.

His name has not been released by the town, despite requests from The Eagle-Tribune to do so as a matter of public interest.

"We are working toward a resolution with the residents," Town Manager Andrew Flanagan said. "I'll release more information at that time."

Flanagan said he is withholding the name “because it's an ongoing personnel matter," and that the fire lieutenant is "not currently working."

He said Gabby Batista, the Andover resident who was approached at her mailbox, has not filed a police report. However, after viewing the video himself, Flanagan placed the fire lieutenant on paid administrative leave.

Batista, who could not be reached for comment Monday, told The Eagle-Tribune at the time that she went to pick up her mail from her Andover residence before heading out with her friend June 2. After she did so, she said, a white man in a black Chevy Tahoe started following them.

Batista said she stopped her car and asked the man, “Sir, can I help you?”

She said he responded by saying, “You just took mail from that house.”

Batista said she told the man she lived there. Then, she and her friend returned home and the man followed them, even driving into her driveway where she caught him on camera.

In the video, which now has had 29.6 thousand views on Twitter, Batista can be heard saying, “This is literally none of your business.”

The man responds, “I just wanted to make sure someone wasn’t stealing something.”



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