SELECT BOARD - choose 1 for 3 years

Laura Gregory

Age: 52

Address: 5 Embassy Lane

Occupation: Attorney

Family: Married, 2 children

Education: J.D., law degree

Political background: Incumbent Select Board member, Democrat

Why voters should choose you: Critical decisions will be made in the next three years to support the health of our community for decades.  I bring experience to those discussions.


Stephen Prochniak

Age: 21

Address: 116 Dascomb Road

Occupation: National Guard Military Police

Family: Unmarried, no children

Education: Currently attending University of Massachusetts Boston

Political background: First time running for office, active and involved citizen who attends Town Meeting, Democrat

Why voters should choose you: I hope to be able to bring a fresh new voice to the board. ... I’m gravely concerned about our taxes and municipal spending.


SCHOOL COMMITTEE — choose 1 for 3 years

Amy Hafensteiner

Age: 35

Address: 19 Kirkland Drive

Occupation: Head of Talent Acquisition (recruiting) within HR for a biotech company

Family: Married, 3 children

Education: Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Northeastern University

Political background: I am a registered Democrat, proud of the bi-partisan relationships I have built during this campaign, which is all about the kids, not politics.

Why voters should choose you: I have a proven track record of collaboration within our school community. I care to hear and represent all voices and want our teachers, students and parents to feel engaged with their School Committee.


Lauren Conoscenti

Age: 41

Address: 129 Rattlesnake Hill Road 

Occupation: Assistant director of Tufts University Office of Institutional Research 

Family: Married, 2 children

Education: Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard University

Political background: Registered Democrat who has not served in public office

Why voters should choose you: I’m an involved, informed parent with professional experience in education and data-driven decision-making. I am an empathetic listener and can collaboratively solve complex problems.


Shishan Wang

Age: 50

Address: 10 Brady Loop

Occupation: Senior research scientist in microbiology and biochemistry 

Family: Married, 3 children 

Education: Ph.D. in Food Science at University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Political background: Moderate Republican and board member of Andover High School Improvement Council, UMass Food Science Alumni Industrial Advisory Board, Asian Americans for Equal Rights (AAER), Chinese Americans of the Andovers (CAAA), Chinese Americans of Massachusetts (CAMA)

Why voters should choose you: As a research scientist, I will advance evidence-based and research-proven decision making in the School Committee based on my science/technology skills and experience.



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