Merrimack College hockey player accused of assault

Photo/Reba SaldanhaMerrimack College's August von Ungern-Sternberg takes a shot during a game.

A Merrimack College hockey player must stay off campus and away from a female student at the college who he is accused of assaulting in his dorm after a recent night of drinking, according to a police report.

August Von Ungern-Sternberg, 22, was arraigned last week in Lawrence District Court on charges of assault and battery, resisting arrest and witness intimidation, court documents say.

Police wrote in a report that they also confiscated a fake gun and a pocket knife belonging to Von Ungern-Sternberg. Campus guidelines prohibit both items.

Von Ungern-Sternberg, a sophomore, is accused of screaming at the female student, threatening her, throwing her to the ground and hitting her on Aug. 31, according to the police report.

The female student told police Von Ungern-Sternberg "could never control his emotions" and that they had both been drinking on the night in question, court paperwork states.

"He has thrown stuff at me and got mad," she told police of their history. "But never like this."

According to a police report, the female student said that on Aug. 31, the was alone with Von Ungern-Sternberg in his dorm while a roommate went downstairs to meet a pizza delivery person. When the roommate returned, he heard yelling and saw that the female was visibly upset and injured, police wrote in the report.

Von Ungern-Sterberg tried to downplay the situation when his roommate walked in, and also tried to stop the female student from leaving, the report states.

Police said the roommate took the female out of the room, walked her outside and called police.

When police asked the roommate if Von Ungern-Sternberg said anything about the situation that had just happened, the roommate reluctantly handed over text messages, according to the report.

Police said they were shown text messages received at 1:03 a.m. from Von Ungern-Sternberg that said "I think I'm going to prison bro," "I love you dog," "I'm so sorry I couldn't handle my (explicative)," and "Don't believe what you hear dawg I work so hard."

Von Ungern-Sternberg was listed in his roommate's phone under the nickname AK47, police said.

The female told police, "August does have a fake gun."

She elaborated, "He has it because it makes noise."

While talking to police two days after the incident, the female student stated Von Ungern-Sternberg had been violent with her in the past.

"He would grab me by the arm and squeeze my arms," she said. "He never left marks on me before. Every weekend he would drink and he can't handle his alcohol."

On the night of the arrest, police said they were warned by people close to Von Ungern-Sternberg that he has a tendency of violence and may be combative. Police said they were also told that Von Ungern-Sternberg typically carries a pocket knife.

Police relied on a master key to get into a room where Von Ungern-Sternberg was sleeping in order to arrest him, the report says.

During the arrest, police said Von Ungern-Sternberg kicked and resisted before eventually being secured in handcuffs, according to the report.

A clerk at Lawrence District Court said Von Ungern-Sternberg was released on $2,500 bail.

A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 11.


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