Items stolen by convicted underwear thief Jennifer Stevanovich will make it to the Web after all.

At Saturday's police auction, Kai DeMarco, of Hampton Beach, N.H., bought $50 worth of women's panties, thongs and tops to resell them online. Stevanovich shoplifted the items from stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, according to police.

Andover police confiscated the lingerie when they raided Stevanovich's Brookside Drive apartment in 2005. They auctioned it off Saturday at the department's annual recovered property sale, along with an assortment of stolen bicycles, compact discs and other items more commonly found on at a police auction.

DeMarco plans to sell the underwear for a profit on the Web or at local flea markets, he said.

Stevanovich, 32, had the same idea. She is now serving three to five years in Framingham state prison for her crimes, which also include welfare fraud that netted her more than $100,000.

"She's a smart woman, for a criminal," said DeMarco. "Eventually you get caught, but that benefits me."

The fact a man bought the woman's undergarments didn't surprise Amy Crowley of Andover, who came with her son to bid on a bicycle.

"That's why there's all the men here," Crowley said. "I thought they were all here to buy their kids bikes, but they're here for the lingerie show."

There were hoots of excitement when the garments were brought out by Police Officer Kevin Burke.

Not everyone at the auction thought the Stevanovich goods were such a hot buy.

"I think it's kind of creepy that Andover is selling woman's underwear at this auction," said Mary Cate Connors of Andover.

A crowd of 50 to 75 came in out of the rain for the auction at the town's public safety center.

A bicycle went to a 6-year-old boy for just $1.

An estimated $1,500 was raised by the auction, money that will go back to the town, Burke said.

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