Tire thieves targeting Hondas are striking the area.

Police have issued a warning to residents across the region about tires being stolen from Honda Accords.

North Andover police Detective Lt. E.J. Foulds said tires were stolen last week from two of that model vehicle in the Meadow View Condominiums parking lot on Walker Road.

The stolen tires were Good Year Eagle touring tires valued at about $150 each, police said.

Tire thefts of this kind have been going on for the past couple of years, Foulds said. It happens in the late-night and early morning hours, he said.

“They move around different jurisdictions,” he said. “We’ve had about three separate incidents in North Andover.”

It would not be unusual for the thieves to strike in a neighboring town such as Andover, police said.

Foulds said the stolen tires are most likely sold on the black market.

“They are selling to other Honda owners who want the nice tires, but they don’t want to pay the premium price,” Foulds said. “It’s not just the tires. They are taking the wheels, the rims, everything.”

Foulds said there isn’t much vehicle owners can do to prevent tire theft because the thieves likely have master keys to the locking lug nuts on the tires.

“The best thing to do is to try to park in a well-lit area,'' he said. “If it’s a private residence, make sure your driveway is lit.”

If there isn’t enough light in a certain parking area, Foulds suggested going to the property managers and “ask for more lights to illuminate the parking lot.”


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