Police: Racist placard placed on truck turns out to be an act of vandalism 

Here's a screenshot of a photo of the truck reported to have been vandalized that's been circulating on social media. 

ANDOVER — The owner of a truck that was parked on Elm Street displaying a racist placard last week made a report to police that his vehicle had been vandalized by someone who put the sign there.

According to a statement from Andover Police Spokesperson Lt. Eddie Guy, on Friday, May 29, at around 7 p.m. police responded to 49 Elm St. after the owner of the truck called in to report that the placard was taped to the side of his truck.

The sign read, "This flag flies in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. By flying it, I demonstrate, first and foremost, my indifference towards the black Americans who are victims of police brutality."

It was taped underneath a “Thin Blue Line” American flag the owner flies on the back of the truck. <>

Police are not releasing the name of the man who owns the truck because they say he was a victim of a crime.

“I looked into the incident and clearly the owner of that truck did not put that sign on the side of his vehicle. (An) investigation was conducted trying to find out if there was any surveillance video and none pointed in that location of the truck,” said Guy. “Unfortunately, this person is a victim of malicious damage to his vehicle and labeled as a racist when he did nothing wrong.”

A photo of the truck has been circulating on social media.

On May 30, Andover native Iris Choo posted two photos and a video to her Instagram. Two of the posts, which were several years old, featured Andover High School students making racist statements. The third was a picture of the truck with a woman protesting in front of it.

Police have concluded Choo and the pictured protester were not involved in putting the placard on the man’s truck. Police are still trying to figure out what exactly happened.



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