21 Algonquin Ave.: Eric M. Graff and Kelly R. Champagne to Adam T. and Allyson M. Cooper, $870,000

103 Brookside Drive, Unit 103: Ravi Kulbhushan and Preeti Sharma to Jagdish Tewari and Vivechana Dixit, $378,000

13 Candlewood Drive: Anne L. Goldstein to Greg and Jamie Pinkham, $688,500

5 Carmel Road: Neville Mary K Est and Eleanor Fishbein to Rkaco LLC, $450,000

11 Carriage Hill Road: C&L Montgomery RT and Sandra K. Montgomery to Todal and Priti Patel, $545,000

136 Chandler Road: Donald&Karen Roy LT and Donald R. Roy to Lawrence T. and Lisa M. Almeida, $663,000

3 Colonial Drive, Unit 8-B: Eric J. Brown to John and Teresa Malgieri, $189,900

11 Crenshaw Lane, Unit 11: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Richard J. and Susan E. Simons, $1,300,000

4 Donna Road: Erin Romansik and Deborah Sapienza to Corey J. and Carin P. Mcgrath, $599,900

56 Dufton Road: Silverman Myrna F Est and Theodore S. Silverman to Derek and Anastasia Sullivan, $510,000

171 Elm St.: Paiva John E Est and Jay M. Paiva to Kevan E. and Traci L. Revis, $515,000

59 Essex St.: Maureen P. and Noreen P. Bailey to Eric Byonghak-An and Kyung S. An, $545,000

24 Fleming Ave.: Fleming Avenue LLC to Callie and Siu Pau, $737,000

13 Greenmeadow Lane: Simon C. and Wai C. Lam to Julien Joly and Jannette Norodom, $687,000

58 Haverhill St.: Obrien Homes Inc to Po K. Cheung and Ping Jones-Lam, $680,000

40 Lowell St.: Adam and Stephanie Parsch to Steven and Laurie A. Cavazza, $475,000

108 Lowell St.: Jacob W. and Amy M. Hafensteiner to Dorothy and Kenneth R. Lorenze, $600,000

49 Lupine Road, Unit 9: Leigh Deacon to Huy Nguyen and Van T. Le, $265,000

250 N. Main St., Unit 6: Stephen C. Hoctor to Annemarie Mcinerney, $305,000

28 Reservation Road: Marsh RT and Stephen C. Marsh to John S. and Ruth E. Mckenzie, $830,000

48 River St.: Jason and Kelly Maguire to Gina P. Jeri, $475,000

70 River St.: Francesco A. and Leah Simari to Stephen P. and Natalie Arold, $650,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 1201: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Karen Madigan RET and Karen Madigan, $429,995

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4209: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Anthony and Joanne Pisapia, $398,080

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4109: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Maureen E. Fabbri, $386,656

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4301: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Paul K. Korzeniowski, $441,995

12 Taylor Cove Drive, Unit 12: Taylor Cove Development to Henry H. Ye and Rachel Y. Gu, $820,000

18 Wolcott Ave.: 18 Wolcott Avenue RT and Alice G. Mcgann to Coventry Development Inc, $650,000


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