8 Cherokee Circle: Henry A. Prussman to Yu Wang, $842,000

15 Crenshaw Lane, Unit 15: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Daniel J Massiello LT and Daniel J. Massiello, $1,325,000

3 Dartmouth Road: Charles V. and Meghan D. Leitao to David J. Fazio and Laura Coughlin, $520,000

24 Forest Hill Drive: Gordon and Barbara X. Becker to Ryuji and Nozomi Morizane, $659,000

64 Haverhill St.: Douglas and Michelle Webb to Jonathan B. and Varvara Zucker, $615,000

31 Kirkland Drive: Kennedy IRT and Jill Hammel to Carroll Mccully RET and Joseph E. Carroll, $580,000

62 Maple St.: Alger and Souci U. Rollins to David A. and Michelle E. Friedman, $750,000

6 Osgood St.: John C. Sullivan and Molly S. Mugler to Thomas and Alena Zelem, $735,000

7 Parthenon Circle: Leo D. Lynch and Donna A. Sloan to Brendan L. and Alexandra M. Day, $790,000

35 Pine St.: Michael Girouard to Michael and Elisa Puglielli, $728,750

87 Pine St.: Michael and Elisa Puglielli to Daniel and Dorothea C. Poletti, $457,125

4 Powder Mill Square, Unit 105: Historic Mills RT and Louis P. Minicucci to Lynn M. Mccumber, $324,000

19 Sutherland St.: Alexandra K. Mitton and Brendan L. Day to Nicolai and Pernille Konow, $459,900

20 Washington Park Drive, Unit 5: Haitao Cheng and Xiaomin Shao to Mei Li, $181,500

80 Washington Park Drive, Unit 10: Tyler Jensen to Amantini RET and Giuliano Amantini, $187,000


This Week's Circulars