20 Bradley Road: Rex E. Elliott to Michael C. and Courtney E. Hatton, $700,000

5 Carmel Road: Rkaco LLC to Yaman and Samantha Sharma, $715,000

8 Clark Road: HB 3 Alternative Hldg LLC to Adam and Amy Cuomo, $387,500

33 Crenshaw Lane, Unit 33: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Helen Hassett RET and Helen Hassett, $1,310,000

16 Cross St.: Stavros G. Dokopoulos and Dimitroula Ioannou to Daniel Blomerth and Nico James, $566,000

71 Elm St.: John M. and Carol B. Dugan to Rebecca Taylor, $605,000

45 Farrwood Drive: Rebecca E. Taylor to Mikhael P. Ravula, $657,000

3 Hearthstone Place: Robert T. and Nancy Daly to Michael E. Wellikoff and Emma A. Bzdafka, $985,000

28 Hearthstone Place: Steven R. and Dorothy L. Gorham to Brenda J. and Douglas R. Schulte, $1,275,000

4 Hillcrest Road: Shereen Escovitz to Corey M. Lazovich and Marissa E. Marchand, $350,000

43 Martingale Lane, Unit 43: Susan R Wojtkun RET and Susan R. Wojtkun to Kathy M. Sendek, $590,000

354 N. Main St., Unit 354: Halcyon RT and Carol Mcdonough to Jaja Commercial LLC, $265,000

66 Osgood St.: 66 Osgood Street RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Michael Mckinnon, $790,000

Riverside Woods Condo Unit 4307: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Eugene W. and Elizabeth M. Krause, $470,995

10 Sherbourne St.: Miriam Giordano and Giovanni Bertolino to Meaghan K. Dimakis and Gregory J. Kosofsky, $960,000

1 Sparta Way: Gould FT and David A. Gould to Joseph R. and Angela M. Whitney, $746,000

48 Summer St., Unit 48: Michael Wellikoff and Emma A. Bzdafka to John Kole and Aimee Leonard, $725,000



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