5 Carmel Road: Yaman and Samantha Sharma to Alicia Schnip, $789,250

20 Colonial Drive Unit 8: Tracy A. and John C. Scoyne to Barbara Donegan, $235,000

17 Dundee Park Drive: Andover Storage Assoc LLC to MHC 88 LLC, $3,450,000

17-r Dundee Park Drive: Andover Storage Assoc LLC to MHC 88 LLC, $3,450,000

39 Farrwood Drive: R&Q MA RT and Baorui Ren to Benjamin and Jessica Hoerner, $850,000

170 Haverhill St. Unit 116: Cottone RT and Vincent P. Cottone to Fawne M. Hill, $365,000

1 Launching Road: Mani Y. Muthappan and Amala Srinivasan to Miriam M. and Jerome Thomas, $722,500

14 Lucerne Drive: Matthew Desanto and Caitlin Sullivan to Anna R. Terry, $770,000

44 Morton St.: Gerard Pouliot and Susan Siegel to Coventry Development Inc, $975,000

437 N Main St. Unit C: Jessica Romano to Marlena N. Spurr, $350,000

3 Railroad St.: Andover Storage Assoc LLC to MHC 88 LLC, $1,730,000

8-10 Ridge St.: Diverse Real Estate LLC to Hoang V. Tran and Nga B. Le, $710,000

84 Summer St.: John E. and Kathleen H. Gaunt to Jay T. Fisher, $663,000

40 Washington Park Dr Unit 8: Frank W. Chiu to Howard E. and Rosanne Haywood, $170,000

11 Westwind Road: Alyson B. Veneto to Joseph T. Martin and Kimberly C. Parker, $861,000


38-a Pinehurst Drive: Kaje RT and Jane C. Whitney to Edward P. and Jennifer L. Hunt, $490,000


50 Bradford Loop: Stephanie Parsons to Douglas G. Parsons and Suzanne C. Powers-Parsons, $390,000

66 Parish Road: John B Delorenzo RET and Donna M. Moulison to Goddzilla LLC, $1,400,000


10 Blueberry Hill Road: Mark A. Venuti and MTGLQ Investors LP to Med Properties LLC, $395,000

11 Harvard Road: Matthew C. and Shannon M. Comeau to Kerri M. Stone, $615,000


22 13th Ave.: Dennis P. and Teresa M. Curtis to Kate Cronin, $415,000

47 E Broadway: Martha J Low RT and Frances C. Lavallee to Rkaco LLC, $385,000

122 Farrwood Drive Unit 122: Leahy FT and Lorraine R. Leahy to Fred Oakes, $242,000

Fondi Road: Wobich Properties LLC to Jamess Place LLC, $450,000

82 Front 9 Drive: Front 9 Drive LLC to Frank B. Bernstein and Maryellen Sorensen, $740,000

27 Glen Meadow Road Unit 27: Robin Corr to Edward E. Blinderman and Lindsay Robinson-Shepard, $350,000

12 Hammond Farm Road: Christine M. and John J. Devereaux to Kendra A. and Samuel T. Bogren-Brock, $525,000

22 Hillside St.: Barbara and Mark Rembis to BNS Realty LLC, $265,000

35 Lincolnshire Drive: Laierre NT and James R. Lapierre to Robin Corr, $445,000

Linwood St.: Mariner RT and Brian R. Kennedy to Glenn R. Fogarty, $42,500

23 Manners Ave.: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to LMN Capital LLC, $326,000

3 Myles Standish Drive Unit 5: Fred P. Oakes to Joel C. Greer, $205,000

86 N Broadway: Rebecca and Robert M. Harris to Antonio Brites-Felix, $390,000

440 North Ave. Unit 26: James Sicuso to Christian Burcham, $206,000

440 North Ave. Unit 192: Juana Gonzalez to Brooke Stickney-Schaefer, $220,000

22 Observatory Ave. Unit 22: Jesus G. Oses to Eneida R. Lopez, $192,000

142 Primrose St.: Walter E. Davis to 142 Primrose Street LLC, $265,000

544 S Main St.: Joseph Greenwood to Christopher J. Stanton, $530,000

669 Salem St.: Hardway Realty LLC to Danielle and Edward Yaracz, $850,000

54 Sheridan St. Unit 54: Matthew J. and Sarah E. Scanlon to Nelson M. Rivera, $334,000

27 Tulip Circle Unit 27: Phoenix 2015 T and Jerry E. Wetterskog to Vicki Tsaiping-Chang and Keith G. Wetterskog, $325,000

71 Woodland Park Drive Unit 71: Sasso RT and Marjorie A. Sasso to Brian A. and Kelley M. Darcangelo, $395,000


102-a Cambridge St.: Nuris Deabad to Irma E. Devargas and Osiris Jaquez, $358,000

240 Canal St.: Washington Mills Apt 2 LP to Berkeley Ggc Canal St LLC, $63,975,000

246, 250 Canal St.: Andrea Management Corp to Berkeley Ggc Canal St 2, $3,475,000

270 Canal St.: Washington Mills Apt LP to Berkeley Ggc Canal St LLC, $30,975,000

26-26a Cedar St.: Freddy Pena to Jose and Xiomisell A. Compres, $585,000

41 Crosby St.: Allam Garcia to Brian Flores, $650,000

15 Debbie Lane Unit 15: Joseph K. Thompson to Daniel A. Rojas and Alexandra M. Toro, $295,000

260 E Haverhill St. Unit 20: CCM Properties Group LLC to Lacey Faria, $120,000

803-805 Essex St.: AMC Properties LLC to DLC Phase 1 LLC, $785,000

146-148 Farnham St.: MDK Properties RT and Kathleen D. Michel to Widman Mendez-Niz, $583,000

98 Foster St.: Felix Veras to Altagracia L. Hidalgo and Mauricio A. Toribio, $427,000

375 Haverhill St.: La Belle Maison LLC to 375-379 Haverhill LLC, $1,450,000

379 Haverhill St.: La Belle Maison LLC to 375-379 Haverhill LLC, $1,450,000

11 Kent St.: Juan Pacheco and Irma Rojas to Lyndsey Fallon-Meyer, $430,000

94-100 Osgood St.: JMM Properties LLC to La Belle Maison LLC, $1,560,000

98-100 Osgood St.: JMM Properties LLC to La Belle Maison LLC, $1,560,000

372 Park St.: Kelvin J. Rojas to Juan Gonzalez-Taveras and Ysabel J. Concepcion, $280,000

10 S Broadway: Yalivan RET and Julia I. Silverio to Diverse Real Estate LLC, $585,000

126-128 Sanborn St.: Elvis Javier to Julio C. Aria-Medrano, $640,000

5 Temple St.: Mark and Amy Mellman to Merrimack Vly RE Solutns, $380,000

30-32 Tenney St.: Jorge Hernandez to Anny Hernandez and Leonardo DeMata-Frias, $450,000

1-3 Willoughby St.: Hector Rosario and Myrna Zayas to Jose M. Perez-Baez, $500,000


86-88 Birchwood Road: Robert Norton and Karen Duemling to Carlos M. Umana, $690,000

27 Canobieola Road: HB 2 Alternative Hldg LLC to Daniel Murray, $245,000

232 Hampstead St.: William J. and Ellen S. Richter to 232 Hampstead LLC, $200,000

41-43 Kirk St.: Manuel R. and Elizabeth Rodriguez to Roseli Rodriguez, $600,000

6-8 Larchwood Road: Rafael Pabon-Diaz to Jesusa and Keisha Velazquez, $208,000

22 Lincoln St.: Thomas and Joyce V. Tucker to 22 Lincoln RT and Michael Courtney, $65,000

1 Plover Lane Unit 1: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Safet and Emina Osmancevic, $618,706

15 Spencer St.: Spencer Street T and Thomas F. Dumont to Biannca Deazevedo-Cardosa and Vinicius O. Gomes-Welberth, $640,000


99 Autran Ave.: Vicky Hunt RET and M Victoria Hunt to Kathryn F. and Gregory C. Long, $339,000

165 Chadwick St.: Oconnor FT and William D. Oconnor to Gina Raphanella, $560,000

628 Chickering Road: Elizabeth A. Dunigan to Eileen Donovan-Elliott, $375,000

90 Edgelawn Ave. Unit 5: Kevin M. Hartwell and Donald A. Macnamara to Welerson B. DeAlmeida, $225,000

171 Forest St.: Jason J. and Ashleigh C. Jones to David M. and Joy P. Wilmouth, $850,000

1510 Great Pond Road: S&N RT and Norma B. Murphy to Bernard E. Cantwell, $703,000

32 Mill Pond: Inga C. Larson to Annia Bosse, $325,000

2017 Salem St.: Stefano and Gabrielle Sestito to Benjamin and Cassandra Delossantos, $910,000

116 Sherwood Drivev: Jack D. Armstrong to Matthew B. Levis, $875,000

23 Village Green Drive Unit 23: Robert F. and Sheila M. Dugan to Anthony M. Angelesco, $285,000

125 Water St.: Christina C. Poor to Brycen A. Dowd and Michaela F. Johnston, $527,625


14 Abbott Road: Patrick E. and Marina E. Hanlon to James Huang and Donna Yuan, $565,000

270 Elm  St. Mcgonagle Paul T Est and Terry S. Rogers-Mcgonagle to Herman G. and Cidalia I. Andrade, $503,500

14 Foley Drive: Shirley Shedd-Labo to Marina and Patrick Hanlon, $865,000

134 Main St.: Janice T. Weiner and Susan Lindberg to Cambridge Street RT 2 and Arthur J. Triglione, $481,250

Martins Landng Condo Unit 4205: Pulte Hm Of New Eng LLC to Clyde E. and Rita E. Showalter, $415,265

8 Mid Iron Drive Unit 8: Irene G Lee FT and Irene G. Lee to Mimi O. Ahn, $499,900

13 Parkview Terrrace: Sharron A. Camelia to 13 Park View Terrace LLC, $150,000

203 Swan Pond Road: Swan View RT and Sara Appiah to Pond Swan LLC, $325,000


8 Bayberry Ln: Arthur J. and Lauren E. Bontorno to Katrina L. and Vincent S. Russo, $412,500

17 High St: Patricia Lapolla to Amanda E. and Jeffrey A. Greene, $570,000




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