10 Acorn Drive: Sharon M. and John R. Wade to John Pino and Molly Miller, $2,125,000

12 Belknap Drive: SAI Builders LLC to Adam E. and Elizabeth A. St. Germain, $1,300,000

7 Bobby Jones Drive, Unit 7: L Michael Hone to Boullie FT and Mark J. Boullie, $975,000

10 Cheever Circle: Martin F. Denning and Clifford J. Pattullo to Stephen G. and Katherine S. Johnson, $875,000

40 Colonial Drive, Unit 6: Keith G. Wetterskog to Andres F. Barreto and Fu-Shan Kuo, $235,000

96 Cross St.: James A. and Laura D. Danner to Erica B. Fienman and Daniel L. Kupferschmid, $665,000

8 Ellsworth Road: William H. and Lynda S. Murray to Justin and Lindsay Murray, $820,000

172 Haverhill St., Unit 235: Salvatore F Stramondo FT and Salvatore F. Stramondo to Indumathi Pattabiraman and Saravana Soundararajan, $419,900

377 High Plain Road: Brigitte Duborg RET and Brigitte Duborg to David and Isabelle C. Bravet, $664,000

3 Island St.: Cindy R Cromer RET and James W. Nesteruk to Stephanie Howard, $840,000

18 Lincoln St.: Kao Rigano FT and Alan S. Kao to Joshua and Sarah Galgano, $825,000

16 Paulornette Circle: Richard A. and Julie L. Dalton to Kayla L. and Devon L. Davis, $835,000

4 Pleasant St.: Justin B. and Lindsay M. Murray to Christian D. and Kristina L. Olmstead, $815,000

66 Pleasant St.: Wallace and Mary N. Ferris to Joseph Park and Younjung Choi, $520,000

2 Powder Mill Square Unit 6: Darpan Seth 2017 FT and Darpan Seth to Janina E. Syrotenko, $600,000

59 William St.: Janet A. Berberian to Ibram and Fadi Joulak, $1,800,000



15 Adams St.: Timothy M. Petty to Gladys Jimenez, $370,000

25 Beaconsfield St.: James and Ann M. Lambert to Kelly J. Gomez-Lopez, $415,000

40-42 Cambridge St.: Alex Jimenez to Ana C. Dejimenez, $650,000

77 Colonial Road: 77 Colonial Road RT and Rita E. Teoli to Isabel Martinez, $404,000

37-c&d Knox St.: Dario Vargas to Manuel O. Perez and Karen E. Deramirez, $378,000

197-201 Merrimack St.: Red E&V Realty LLC to 201 Merrimack LLC, $8,250,000

17 Mount Vernon St.: Melissa and William Mazola to Cesar A. and Marisol Cordoba, $450,000

6 Orchard St.: 6 Orchard Street T and Julianne Shelzi to Henry Gonzalez, $215,000

64-c Pleasant St.: Daher Group Inc to Thalis T. Estevez and Cesar A. Batista, $539,900

64-d Pleasant St.: Daher Group Inc to Thalis T. Estevez and Cesar A. Batista, $539,900

46 Rollins St.: Melissa Sequinot to Jose H. and Bernarda P. Velasquez, $390,000

12 Tyler St. Unit 12: Abigail Santiago to Ashley N. Pflug and Kelvin J. Estevez, $273,831


68 Ames St.: 68 Ames Street RT and Janis H. Tunstall to Glen Johnson, $310,000

3-5 Annis St.: Maria Enerolisa-Ramos and Ignacio Lugo to Walter F. Lopez and Clara L. Zacaria-Guzman, $600,000

21 Arnold St.: Radames Rodriguez-Cora and Melitza Nazario to Ismael and Isiris U. Reyes, $665,000

108 Ashland Ave.: Walter H. and Michele N. Lynch to Giordano L. Lynch, $340,000

41 Boston St.: Kathleen A. Moran to Rudy Sosa, $395,000

65 Clayton Ave.: Richard Brown to Michael J. Francisco and L F. Rodriguez-Defrancisco, $401,820

11 Copley Drive: Maria M Barcelos T and Ana Barcelos-Rosa to Eric and Kristen Swales, $640,000

30 Eastbrook Place: Andrea Myles and Donna Moylan to Evelin Alvarado-Ulloa, $349,900

20 Golf Ave.: Madison RT and Mary Kavanagh to Antonia Cardona, $325,000

527 Lowell St.: Bistany Michael J Est and Thomas P. Dilello to Taylor L. Leger, $408,500

609 Lowell St.: Sean L. Pollard to Lorrana C. Dasilva, $392,000

86 Phillips St.: Cheryl Morin and Robert Belair to Alfredo Pena-Castro, $540,000

7 Plover Lane Unit 112: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Piche FT and Francis J. Piche, $692,413

9 Plover Lane Unit 113: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Stephen P. and Daisy A. Langley, $604,104

11 Plover Lane Unit 114: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Williams FT and John A. Williams, $711,123

1 Riverview Boulevard Unit 1-213: Mary T. Reade to Samantha E. Gerrior, $267,000

1 Riverview Boulevard Unit 7-103: Aaron S. Gattoni to Debra Walsh, $317,000

38 Sandra Lane: Kristen M. Mcphail to Ashley N. Febbi and Alycia Rao, $445,000

32 Stone Castle Drive, Unit 32: Fortune Dorothy J Est and Andrea Chase to James P. Durso, $226,000

9 Wallace St.: Daniel M. Riccio to Oscar M. and Juan C. Reynoso-Gomez, $515,100

10 Windsor St.: Jodie R. and Jeffrey D. Wise to Andrea Perkins, $380,000


27 Bradford St.: Katie Brennan-Bock to David Peterson and Brianna Butler, $480,000

190 Chickering Road Unit 204d: Gilbert J. and Patricia J. Lamarre to Guillermo H. and Blanca C. Ramos, $350,000

122 Edgelawn Ave. Unit 4: Marcia A. Carter to Sarah Heath, $280,000

34 Empire Drive: Kevin and Lauren E. Small to Muhammad U. Riaz and Sadia N. Khan, $244,093

7 Fuller Meadow Road: Todd E. Moriarty and Elizabeth J. Ford to Matthew J. and Brittany Zahoruiko, $825,000

17 Lacy St.: Rebecca C. Bailey to Rory Costigan and Bryan Reid, $662,500

22 Leyden St. Unit 22: Zhenfei Zhang and Di Wu to Paul R. Trant, $256,000

93 Main St.: First Street 7 LLC to Panagia LLC, $900,000

1 Massachusetts Ave.: Patob RT and Heather Obrien to COB Real Estate LLC, $830,000

293 Massachusetts Ave.: John E. Wilson and Gail J. Morin to Edmilson Alves-Dasilva and Luciana Alves-Silva, $469,900

76 Mill Pond: Claudette L. Hamilton to Nabila Newaz-Rahman, $411,000

36 Parker St.: Ridgehaven RT and Barry T. Sullivan to Kathleen Harrison, $435,000

55 Village Green Drive, Unit 55: Rhonda D. and Charlotte E. Bloom to Andrey V. Knyazev, $208,000


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