11 Azalea Drive: Martha Russell to Jonathon and Margarita Dreyer, $915,000

1 Colonial Drive Unit 7b: Michael Giberti to Linda Bourgeois, $195,000

247 North Main St. Unit 7: Brandon and Amanda Angiolillo to Elona Palushaj, $272,500




7 Sister Road: Kenoza Properties LLC to 7 Twisted Sister RT and Albert C. Couillard, $240,000

33 8th Ave.: 33 8th Avenue LLC to Snow Cassell LLC, $192,000

330 Amesbury Rd: Mac&D Realty LLC to Mass Prop Invest LLC, $1,350,000

30 Arlington St. Unit 30: Lindsey S. Pagley and Andrew Palmer to Juan M. Torres, $280,000

20 Boston St.:  20 Boston St. RT and Rachel M. Hickey to Henry A. Garcia, $435,000

64 Denworth Bell Cir Unit 64: Ruth E Lewis RET and Ruth E. Lewis to Amanda N. Lewis, $350,000

34 Grove St.: Guylaine and Richard Hanlon to Wirdalis Gomez-Garcia and Elias F. Garcia, $480,000

7 Lawton St: Christine K. and Derek S. Beckwith to Bianca and Joseph N. Delgrosso, $570,000

11 Lincoln Ave.: Chaz A. Sweeney and Matthew A. Zapanas to Frank and Stacey Cunha, $390,000

17 Orange St.: Malcuit FT and Avis Malcuit to Five C Construction LLC, $100,000

22 Pentucket St.: Elvy P. Hawbaker to Ruth J. Guzman, $150,000

75 Pilling St.: G&A Azzarito RT and Maria Pastore to Edwin Arman, $350,000

150 Riverside Ave.: Van Geyte Fine Prop LLC to Frank T. Muraco, $500,000

96 Summer St. Unit 4: Michael Borges to Paije Moormann, $175,000

119 White St.: Robert A. Pigeon to 123 White Street LLC, $180,000

127 White St.: Robert Pigeon Elec&Applnc to 123 White Street LLC, $120,000


86 Beacon St. Unit 3: Imelda V. Nauffal-Ayingono to Eddy Garcia, $165,000

327-329 Broadway: Emilio J. Marchena to Johanna R. and Anthony O. Villa, $591,000

18-20 Greenwood St.: Daher Group Inc. to Erwin O. and Joan F. Cardona, $560,000

253 Jackson St..: Luis G. Bilbraut to Elena Sanchez, $460,000

20 Spring St.: 20 Spring Street RT and Deirdre A. George to Yeison Mora, $145,000

39-41 Swan St.: Chantall P. Ontivero to Harison and Hamilton A. Terrero-Payano, $597,000

204 Walnut St. Unit 204: E&G RT and Eddy I. Guzman to Antonio Martinez, $195,000

35 Washington St.: Wilmen A. Lopez to Wanda A. Frias and Felix M. Bautista, $380,000


14 Central St.: Paul Nartiff to M A. Batista-Hernandez and Melissa Rojas, $540,000

36 Dedham St.: Melissa A. and Mark W. Kovacev to William J. and Sandra E. Broussard, $180,000

48 High St. Unit 16: Joseph Salois to John P. Zafiris, $179,900

91 Leroy Ave.: Kaylee Krigest and Sean G. Smith to Mark Mozdziez, $260,000

67 Phoebe St. Unit 38: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Joseph A. and Christine A. Torrisi, $756,680

31 Pilgrim Circle Unit 31: Glenn A. Kallery and Robin Strassell to Christopher Harb, $210,000

19 Tucker Terrace: Alvin A. and Sandhya Lal to Indu Bhushan and Garima Narula, $680,000


88 Amberville Road: Pushp K. and Sudesh Khatri to Julie A. Rousseau and Mary Mayo, $810,000

21 Annis St.: Northshore RE Solutio LLC to Jordie and Virginie K. Kamuene, $477,500

597 Foster St.: Jody A. and Scott B. Bradstreet to Andrew Fonzi, $440,000

148 Main St. Unit C438: Jeanne M. Mccusker to Eric C. Stimac, $262,900

24 Summit St. Unit 24: Jesse and Jody Blackwell to Dawn Giadone, $392,500



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