16 Arcadia Road: Keith A. and Kathleen Butler to John K. and Angela Sawyer, $910,000

16 Balmoral St. Unit 115: Jaculen Maglio to Patricia Rocker-Potter, $316,000

48-56 Balmoral St.: Diverse Real Estate LLC to Windham Realty LLC, $1,250,000

36 Bannister Road: Sheldon A. and Cynthia M. Fine to Pamela and Nathaniel Searle, $735,000

13 Boardwalk Drive Unit 13: Srinivasan Bharathi Est and Sushant Srinivasan to Ishan S. Shah and Kinjal P. Amin, $656,000

650 Brookside Drive Unit G: Bria Suprenant to Wei Tian, $345,000

8 Carmel Road: Brian and Carol M. Carmichael to Michael Greene-Trakimas and Christine Moore-Trakimas, $890,000

6 Dumbarton St.: Michael J. and Sara Stevens to Anthony and Margaret Richardson, $765,000

8 Elm Ct: Robert G. and Angela G. Reed to Line Drive Realty LLC, $520,000

179 Elm St.: Matthew D. Martin to Alec J. and Sara E. Sennott, $520,000

8 Longwood Drive Unit 6: USA VA to Jayson R. Martin, $186,900

137 Lowell St.: Thomas W. and Therese K. Saling to Peter and Lauren Nichols, $1,280,000

29 Morton St.: Debra L. Scannell to Michael and Audra Prout, $1,380,000

76 Poor St.: Pappas-Caban NT and Nick Pappas to Michael J. and Sara E. Stevens, $1,450,000

8 Poplar Ter: James and Christine Hollis to Olivia Pathiraja, $600,000

10 Reservation Road: Mark A. Schmidel and Anne Fahy-Schmidel to James Patterson-Puertolas and Rachel Lewis, $1,050,000

5 Ridge Hill Way: Lili Chen to Ryan and Ashley Mcnamara, $830,000

16 Samos Lane: Ryan and Ashley Mcnamara to Ryan and Lisa M. Brosnahan, $585,000

1 Samuel Way: AJM Construction LLC to Darren and Heidi Matani, $950,000

9 Stouffer Cir: Edward F. and Paola M. Cruz to John T. Nugent and Jeanne M. Mickle, $1,035,000


31 Alcott Way Unit 31: Sarah W. Jones to S K. Shanmuga-Sundaram and Dhanya Selvaraj, $426,500

30 Avery Park Drive: Blake and Autumn Kapisak to Manfred and Mary Grimmer, $950,000

3 Fernview Ave Unit 11: Oriana Ciuffetelli to Alex Chen, $239,900

42 Fernview Ave Unit 3: Robert P Cunningham NT and Robert P. Cunningham to Louis W. Barrasso, $220,000

4 Harvest Drive Unit 225: Martha Gill to Kimberly Moccia, $368,000

148 Main St. Unit B232: Steven H. and Suzanne D. Parsons to Lawrence and Linda V. Lockwood, $279,500

34 Marblehead St.: Richard K. Melillo to Ermal Malaj and Olger Guri, $570,000

337 Marbleridge Road: Noyes-Hamel T and Mark V. Noyes to William M. Greene, $859,919

49 Salem St.: Michael B. and Rita T. Bower to Walter L. Stickle and Margaret Cullen, $680,000

2 Stacy Drive: Marjorie A. Maclean to Samantha A. Pindara, $240,000

4 Stacy Drive: Pamela Taylor to Marilyn J. Luther, $240,000

1980 Turnpike St. Unit 3: Jusse Inc to Larsen Com Prop LLC, $850,000

33 Upland St. Unit 33: Daniel and Anne M. Hakim to Jania I. and Omar D. Pacheco, $400,000

40 Village Green Drive Unit 40: Joellen Bower to Abdelaaziz A. Rhazzioui, $285,000

59 Waverley Road: Edward A. and Ingunn A. Gardner to Ryan and Mary Schruender, $700,000



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