The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in town:

300 Brookside Drive, Unit E: Leslie H. Frankel to Susan Fortuanto, $270,000

400 Brookside Drive, Unit E: Bette A. Macleod to Ryan J. Wright and Gabriella Guerrera, $248,900

117 Jenkins Road: Arch Land Development LLC to Michael A. and Eleonora E. Davolio, $355,000

123 Jenkins Road: Groezinger RT and Scott Groezinger to Jenkins Road RT and Sean Szekely, $370,000

123 Jenkins Road: Arch Land Development LLC to Jenkins Road RT and Sean Szekely, $280,000

28 Kathleen Drive: Kiker FT and J.M. Kiker to Suresh Ganapathy and Jyothy Shanker, $615,000

6 Leah Way, Unit 6: Andover Lincoln Woods LLC to Charles A. Wheeler, $849,900

49 Lupine Road, Unit 6: Melissa Harmon-Belliard to Debra D. Ozoonian, $217,500

325 South Main St.: Thomas and Lydia C. Fraser to James P. and Michelle R. Preston, $505,000

5 Trevino Circle: CA INT and Yvon Cormier to Lubomir V. and Antoaneta S. Nechev, $1,575,000

12 Farrwood Drive: Susan T. Russell to Manuel T. and Patricia Lowenhaupt, $1,350,000

8 Marland St.: Brenda J. Cammarano to John R. and Ashley L. Fishback, $445,000

44 Washington Ave., Unit 2: Jeffco Inc. to Kathleen M. Prizio, $525,000

16 Balmoral St., Unit 421: Karla Sullivan to Chingiu Chen, $154,000

60 Colonial Drive, Unit 9: Yamamoto K.A. Barreto Estate and Victoria Barreto to Cara Jean Donaghey and Perry C. Wentzel, $83,000

12 Saint James Drive: 69 North Street LLC to John and Chrissoula K. Hagigeorges, $689,900


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