14 Alderbrook Rd: Neil J. and Alison C. Senior to George D. and Allysha Moores, $552,000.

216 Beacon St: David L. Whitley to Juliana Seminerio and Mark Eramo, $815,000.

38 Burnham Rd: Mario Barela and Christine Caples to Kevin Mcbreaty and Emilee Maclean, $425,000.

65 Central St: Ybah LLC to Marouane Bah, $2,600,000.

16 Enmore St: Brian P. and Elizabeth M. Shea to Casey and Sarah Dannolfo, $745,000.

11 Lincoln St: David H. and Roselle S. Heckendorn to Alan Balcom and Katie Loeffler, $560,000.

96 N Main St, Unit 1: Judith M. Towlson to Diana Collins, $230,000.

47 Spring Grove Rd: J&J Ball RT and Janyce R. Ball to Michael Murnane, $469,900.

1 Will O Way: Shui 2018 T and Ven H. Shui to Nicholas and Nicole Cipriano, $718,200.


6 Whitney Rd: Amy S. and Kelly Flynn to Gina M. and William F. Foshage, $939,000.


15 Carriage Chase Rd: Kenneth P. Willner and Jacqueline D. Best-Willner to Alpha Development Corp, $445,000.

200 Chickering Rd, Unit 103B: Michelle A. Logan and Joshua Kelly to Christopher Migliozzi, $158,500.

28 Main St: Haleiwa Properties RT and Amalia Mccaffrey to Cesario M. Ferreria, $675,000.

79 Marblehead St: Patrick and Amanda R. Stewart to Smitha Vayyavur and Rajeshwar R. Rao, $370,500.

78 Mill Pond: Stella 2019 T and Louis Stella to Jennifer L. Warmington, $424,900.

84 Saunders St, Unit 84: Robert P. and Leeann L. Smith to Mark Coughlin, $460,000.

24 Stacy Dr: Andrea L. Johnston to Michael J. and Debra M. Demirdjian, $365,000.

140 Willow St, Unit 1: HZ RT and Howard M. Zolot to Kept Properties LLC, $105,000.


6 Anglewood Ln: Terry N. and Phyllis A. Taylor to Robert Lambert and Laura Lambort, $300,000.

35 Cedar St, Unit 3B: George and Michelle O'Connor to Michael and Lisa C. Brogan, $60,000.

5 Lakeside Blvd: James E. and Christina M. Knight to Christine R. and Kevin C. Travers, $360,000.


17 Pomeroy Rd: Angelo A. and Jeanne A. Dinardo to Michael Doucette and Kathleen Murray-Doucette, $670,000




77-79 Basswood St: Mario R. Lantigua to Jacquelyn Molina, $355,000

90 Beacon St Unit 10: Jennifer A. Hurley to Serefina and Manuel A. Medina, $178,000

15 Crescent St Unit H: Olegario Perez and Bertilla Tejada to Ramon E. Reynoso, $190,000

244 E Haverhill St: Esthenly and Seferina Medina to Edwin J. Jimenez and Tyana M. Rivera, $553,000

1035-1037 Essex St: Radelkiz Gomez and Maria N. Almonte-Degomez to Julia M. Macario, $600,000

124-126 Farnham St: Jesus Trejo to Scottie Mateo, $800,000

154-156 Farnham St: Oscar Mahecha-Diaz to Cledo P. Rivera, $512,000

4 Florence St: Maggy Mendoza to Ricardo Dejesus, $395,000

26 Jefferson St: Chamrong Tes and Sovan Voeuth-Tes to Justin C. Nigrelli, $386,825

20 Knox St Unit 12: Hilberto C. Rivera and Wendy C. Mieses to Michelle Almanzar, $175,000

17 Mccarthy Rd: Johnny Rivas to Wendolie F. Santos and Jorge Garcia, $400,000

139 Osgood St: Rickie D. and Beth E. Johnson to Mary L. Rivera-Colon, $295,000

261-269 Park St: Renov 8 Homes LLC to 261-269 Park Street LLC, $960,000

91-93 Railroad St: Maria Ventura to David Martinez and Ingrid A. Mercedes, $535,000

311-313 S Broadway: Jin W. and Young H. Jun to Rafael R. Beato, $577,500

58 Thorndike St: Willard J. and George P. Farrell to George P. and Susan Farrell, $300,000

14 Vandergrift St: Douglas J. Clarke to Lorenzo Ovalles, $350,000

1 Wachusetts Ave: Mauricia Pichardo to Christopher N. Delarosa, $425,000

301 Water St: Fernando Pena to Yokasty Pena, $250,000





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