Andover residents rule their government directly through a New England tradition known as Open Town Meeting.The Town Meeting form of government allows registered voters to vote at Town Meeting on how much money Andover will spend and on what it will spend this money.

Town Meeting convenes at least once every year, at the time and place designated by the selectmen, a five-member board elected by residents. Besides voting on a budget, Town Meeting decides other matters, such as zoning changes, construction projects, and town bylaw additions and amendments.


Andover’s Town Charter calls for Andover to be run by an appointed town manager, and to have the following elected offices: a five-member Board of Selectmen, a five-member School Committee, a moderator who runs Town Meeting and appoints a Finance Committee, and a five-member Housing Authority. Town elections are held at the end of March every year.The nine-member Finance Committee issues its opinions to voters on all projects with financial impact to taxpayers.

Buzz Stapczynski is town manager. He was hired in 1990 and has held the post longer than anyone else during the more than half-century that Andover has had a town manager form of government.

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