ANDOVER — Staff and students honored retiring fifth-grade teacher Nancy DiSalvo with a fitting sendoff in the parking lot of High Plain Elementary School on Friday afternoon.

“I feel happy for Nancy, that she is retiring and getting an opportunity to hopefully travel and spend time with her grandchildren and family,” said Pamela Lathrop, principal of High Plain Elementary School, where DiSalvo has worked for the past seven years. She has been with the Andover school system for 31 years in total.

“I do feel disappointed that the last part of her school career was in a remote learning situation and she didn’t get a chance for the school to celebrate her the way the school normally would,”  Lathrop added.

However, there was nothing unhappy about DiSalvo, 60, who unwrapped presents while sitting alongside her husband, Robert, 65, as a crowd paraded by waving and honking.

“I was just overwhelmed. I mean, I know these are strange times, but that was about the most memorable, wonderful thing that I think could have been done for a retirement party,” DiSalvo said.

“I was bowled over by the fact that my former student Officer Justin Murray led the parade in his police cruiser — and nobody can play a siren like Justin does.”

Thinking back on her career, DiSalvo said what she’s going to miss the most are the children, and she'll miss administrative paperwork the least.

“Just watching them progress every year and just master new skills, new concepts, trying to come up with new ways to convey those concepts,” she said.

As for what she plans to do in retirement, among her goals is learning how to play the ukulele.



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