Ted Teichert touts government experience

Ted Teichert, candidate for one of two, three-year seats on the School Committee

Ted Teichert feels the Andover Public Schools have a "myriad of problems" and that he has the experience to fix them.

"As I walk around town, people come up to me and say 'Ted, what is going on around our schools,'" he said. "It's a big lack of transparency. A lot of issues fall under that lack of transparency."

Teichert said that senior citizens around town are worried about how much money is being spent on the schools while they see test scores going down. They also see "spiraling legal costs," and are not happy, he said. But the current state of the schools depends on who you talk to, he said.

He believes the school department needs work, and the path to fixing it begins with the budget. 

From his experience serving on the Board of Selectmen for 12 years, Teichert feels he has the ability to look at the school's budget and make changes that would pay off. He said that he spent many years discussing the budget with school officials, and knows what needs to be done. 

A former student of the Andover Public Schools and a 1979 graduate of Andover High, Teichert said that what he sees concerns him. After volunteering as a guest reader in the schools and also becoming involved in the discussions regarding the three newest schools in town, he hopes to serve on the School Committee. 

On Full-Day Kindergarten: "I don't think we should charge for full-day kindergarten at all. We need to compare to other communities, to see what we are doing differently or not doing. I'm sure we can talk to a lot of the other towns about that, and get more facts. Why can't we provide it for free? The budget needs to be more scrutinized to ensure that we are maximizing our funding appropriately.  We need to compare ourselves to other towns to see what they do to allow them to provide it for free, while we can't.

On Special Education Department: "All of the issues that came about from DESE's report should be addressed, and a lot don't cost money and can be done immediately. We need a lot more accountability, including from the Superintendent about that. To say which issue should be corrected first or second, or what is most important - they all should be done. They know what the issues are, they just need to do it, and they've ignored it over the years."

Name: Ted Teichert

Age: 53

Address: 5 Dufton Road, Andover

Running for: Three year School Committee seat

Children: Stephanie, 27; Julianne, 15; twins Allison and Valerie, 12

Marital Status: Married to wife Jeanne

Profession: Regional Sales Manager and Owner of Ted Entertainment DJ Services

Political/community involvement: Andover Selectman, Andover Junior Football League, Andover Business Community Association


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