Brian P. Major

Address: 11 Odyssey Way

Age: 46

Job status/occupation: Senior project manager for Philips Healthcare

Nuclear family: Wife Margaret and children Rachel (14), Danielle (11), Brendan (9) and Nicole (9)

NOTE: Major, an incumbent, is one of five candidates vying for two open seats on the Board of Selectmen. The 2012 town election is Tuesday, March 27.

Yes, No or Undecided

Did you support the $2 million in tax money for a youth center? Yes

Does Andover need new 55-and-over housing development(s)? Yes

Do you support leasing town land for solar-panel farms? Undecided

Should Andover move its Town Yard out the Lewis Street spot? Yes

Should Andover build a new Town Yard on River Road? Yes

Should Andover build a fire station on South School land? Undecided

Should Andover begin building a new fire station in Ballardvale within three years? Yes

More on yes/no issues: The current solar panel proposals are too broad and vague. Future proposals must be detailed (including cost, size and revenue) and fully vetted prior to being presented to Town Meeting.

The Lewis Street site is inadequate in size to build an effective Town Yard and too valuable to use for that purpose. The River Road proposal provides the space and access required to construct an effective facility. Currently, the biggest question is the cost of purchasing the property.

The Ballardvale Fire Station must be replaced due to its age, poor structural condition and lack of size to support standard fire apparatus and EMS equipment. The final site selection must focus on response times holistically across Andover in conjunction with the future location of other stations.


Town manager's grade: A-

More: Buzz hired a CIO with zero new dollars and developed that budget with zero use of cash reserves. He initiated consolidations and restructuring that reduced service delivery costs by $86,000 and created three additional cost saving proposals for next year. He also created a new Department Head Performance Appraisal program.

Using taxpayers' money: Information Technology consolidation will combine four separate networks into one, which will reduce support expenses, upgrade current infrastructure, improve system reliability and enable service-delivery improvement within available dollars. These changes will have a 4.5 year payback. As an example, the outsourcing of printing services will save Andover $250,000 annually.


In general Andover contracts with town employees are... too generous

More: In previous years, Andover's town labor unions have worked cooperatively with leadership to minimize cost increases and reduce future liabilities (example: FY11 - zero-percent salary adjustment). Future contracts must align benefits with the private sector including the elimination of sick leave buy-back and further reductions in the rollover of vacation time.


One big idea: Maintaining a vibrant business community provides substantial tax revenue that enables Andover to reduce the service tax impact on citizens. The selectmen recently created the Economic Development Council that includes Andover business professionals who share the passion of developing a thriving climate that maintains existing business and attracts new companies.


Andover's grade for big projects: B

More: Any great program or organization understands that there is always room for continuous improvement. As an example, after the high school project, Andover now hires a project manager to supervise all large construction programs. Future improvement opportunities include upgrading the support provided to our building task forces such as for the Ballardvale Fire Station. Once the task force completes their objectives, then town leadership must own the vetting of those results within the community.


Assuming I am elected, my term will be a failure if, three years from now, the town has not... completed the construction of the Bancroft Elementary School.

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