Dan Kowalski

Address: 24 Enfield Drive

Age: 44

Job: Full-time: IBM, Controls and Compliance analyst; Part-time: Dunstable Police Department, reserve police officer/EMT-B

Nuclear family: Wife Kristin and children Emily and Grace, attending South Elementary School

NOTE: Dan Kowalski is one of five candidates vying for two seats on the Board of Selectmen. The 2012 town election is Tuesday, March 27.

Yes, No or Undecided

Did you support the $2 million in tax money for a youth center? Yes

Does Andover need new 55-and-over housing development(s)? Yes

Do you support leasing town land for solar-panel farms? Yes

Should Andover move its Town Yard out the Lewis Street spot? Yes

Should Andover build a new Town Yard on River Road? No

Should Andover build a fire station on South School land? No

Should it begin building a new fire station in Ballardvale within three years? No

More on yes/no issues: The Youth Center is a magnificent example of a public/private partnership and a true representation of the democratic process.

We must ensure any 55+ communities are affordable, allowing people to retire in the community they helped form.

The town yard should be located where it best serves the community and we must understand the long-term economic impact of the Lewis Street redevelopment.

Prolonging the life of the existing fire station will allow us to assess the Lowell Junction project's impact on the optimal location for a new station.

Identifying alternate sources of revenue is a priority; I support leasing "low value" town land (i.e. landfill) for solar farm usage, but not "high value/use" property- such as the Lovejoy Road location.


Town manager's grade: B+

More: The town manager has done a very good job with daily operational management and facilitating contract negotiations. The town manager does need to more aggressive implementing efficiencies (including privatization and consolidation) as many of our internal tools and processes require an excessive amount of manual effort to support.

Using taxpayers' money: Without "technology" we couldn't implement more efficient processes (thus saving money) and improve the quality of education. Enabling town employees with tools to perform their jobs will increase individual performance and output. Our teachers need the flexibility to introduce technology-based learning solutions to educate students of different learning styles.


In general Andover contracts with town employees are... too generous

More: Too generous in comparison to the private sector, but municipalities are historically different than the private sector. Comparing Andover benefits to other municipalities, Andover benefits are "more controlled." We need to continue to collaborate with our employees to produce win/win solutions; we can't balance the budget on our employees' backs.


One big idea: Elect Dan Kowalski. There's not one solution for Andover's "challenges." There are a myriad of potential improvements that working together will improve the quality of our schools, maintain/improve town services and help relieve the residential tax burden. Long term, I believe the Lowell Junction project will ensure Andover's financial health.


Andover's grade for big projects: B

More: The Bancroft project was managed extremely well, with continuous community communication. Otherwise, I am concerned about the pipeline of potential future projects (fire station, town yard replacement, high school addition, early childhood center) and how these projects could simultaneously impact the tax base. The BOS needs to define a strategic capital improvement plan and the town manager needs to ensure adequate operational management of the dedicated teams of volunteers working to develop these project recommendations.


Assuming I am elected, my term will be a failure if, three years from now, the town has not... made significant progress defining a fiscally responsible capital improvement plan.

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