The town will have a number of new department leaders this summer - although most of them already work for the town in some capacity.

Selectmen approved the appointments of three department directors Monday. Among them are the following: Tony Torrisi, who serves as finance director and will return to the position on an interim basis after he retires later this month; Chris Cronin, who will step away from his position as superintendent of highways and be an interim leader of public works; and Maria Maggio, currently Plant and Facilities business manager who will soon become acting director of the department.

The decision to search from within for directors of Plant and Facilities and DPW is partially a product of an ongoing study into the future direction of the two departments, according to Town Manager Buzz Stapczynski. Officials have said the two departments could be consolidated in the future. That consolidation could be one of a number of options highlighted in the study, which Stapczynski said should be ready by September. Cronin and Maggio's appointments are for an indefinite amount of time, Stapczynski said.

"Because of the study, it may be six months. It may be a year," Stapczynski said.

"I decided to look inside and bring up two people who are very knowledgable of their departments," Stapczynski said.

Torrisi will replace himself following his retirement on July 22, while Cronin will fill a position vacated by Jack Petkus, who retired on June 30, 2010 as an investigation into improprieties at the water treatment plant moved forward. Petkus's shoes have been temporarily filled by John Bean, who retired last year as Public Works director in Arlington before coming to Andover in January.

Maggio will take on the role currently filled by retired and acting director of Plant and Facilities Joe Piantedosi, who will leave his position tomorrow, Friday.

Maggio and Cronin will both begin working in their new positions on Sunday, July 17. Torrisi will start as an interim director on Saturday, July 23, the day after he retires.

Torrisi will work at a rate of $63.42 an hour on an as-needed basis, Stapczyski said.

Donna Walsh, finance director and town auditor for the town of Tewksbury, will replace Torrisi as finance and business director in Andover in September. Cronin will receive a salary of $109,628 per year, and Maggio will make $90,964 per year.

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