Residents can expect their water to be discolored this summer.

According to a statement posted to the town’s website last week afternoon, the discolored water will result from the added demand that takes place during the hot months.

“When water use increases throughout town, the system is pumping more water, at a higher rate of speed. When this occurs, sediments that are normally settled during regular demand periods can cause discoloration of the water,” the statement reads.

“The discoloration is an aesthetic issue," it continues, "and there are no health risks associated with discolored water.”

Town officials say those who experience discolored water should periodically run cold water to “clear the water lines surrounding your home.” This can be done by running an outside spigot, a basement sink, or a bath tub.

In addition, if anyone experiences discoloration while washing clothing, the Water Department can provide a product that will help remove any discoloration. The product can be picked up at 5 Campanelli Drive from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. You need to call ahead at (978) 623-8860 to get this product.

Town officials also say residents should track and report discolored water here:

Town Manager Andrew Flanagan said the notice was "being proactive" and "we have no reports of discolored water in Andover" thus far.



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