The locally based headquarters of Raytheon's Integrated Defense Systems is likely to relocate to Tucson after the defense giant completes its merger with United Technologies. That's according to a corporate memo obtained by the at the end of January.

The Integrated Defense Systems' division is now based in Tewksbury with a plant located down the road in Andover where about 4,000 people are employed.

According to the memo, which was written by Tewksbury headquarters President Wesley Kremer, the Integrated Defense Systems will merge with the company's Missile Systems division, which is located in Tuscon.

Nevertheless, he reassured employees that this relocation is unlikely to affect personnel in the merging divisions.

"At this time, we have no plans to relocate programs or business area/product line leadership and we do not expect the announcement of a new headquarters location to result in many (if any) personnel relocations,” Kremer wrote. “Our goal is to minimize any disruption to our employees, customers, suppliers or business partners."

"In addition to the Tucson headquarters, the business remains fully committed to our current large-scale operations in Alabama, California, Massachusetts, north Texas, and Rhode Island, as well as to our operations in several other key communities and customer centers around the world,” Kremer added.

Andover Town Manager Andrew Flanagan echoed Kremer's sentiment, even going so far as to say that Raytheon's plant in Andover is likely to expand.

“We are still learning the details of the potential merger. We have a strong partnership with Raytheon and I'm pleased that they are considering expanding their footprint in Andover,” said Flanagan. “We have a successful history of working with the company to mitigate any potential impacts associated with expansion and I expect that will continue moving forward.”

Raytheon, which was founded in Cambridge and is currently based out of Waltham, manufactures missiles and aircraft for the military. United Technologies, which is based in Farmington, Connecticut, manufactures electronics for aircraft engines.

After the merger, the company, which will be called Raytheon Technologies, will keep its headquarters in the Boston area.


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