It could be said that Jews and Christians make an unusual mix when it comes to their traditions of worship.

But when the coronavirus crisis got in the way of people filling churches and synagogues during the recent holy season, the two religions found common ground in Andover.

In a display of religious cooperation, the Temple Emanuel Jewish synagogue lent its space and streaming equipment to members of Andover Baptist Church to broadcast their Easter services remotely.

"We've been steaming services for years out of our sanctuary and chapel," said Marc Freedman, president of Temple Emanuel. "My wife realized we could offer the streaming functionality if people wanted to use it even with the synagogue closed."

Rabbi Robert Goldtstein of Temple Emanuel made the offer to dozens of religious leaders, and Andover Baptist Church responded.

"It was an emotional and rewarding opportunity for us to express some fellowship to another religious organization who has an exceptionally strong congregation," Freedman said. "We will be there in fellowship and support for one another when challenging times occur."



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