Taking drive-by parties to the next level, local DJ and former Selectman Ted Teichert has been hitting the town in his tiki bar trailer. 

"People are kind of cooped up. It’s something to look forward to," said Teichert, a lifelong Andover resident who currently lives on Linwood Street.

"They can go dancing in the lawn; we can bring the dance party to you. We are all in this together, so to say," he said.

Donning a Hawaiian shirt and playing the music of Jimmy Buffett, Teichert has made the rounds in Andover recently.

Just last week, he drove out to West Andover where he went to the flower shops and nurseries. 

"If people can’t come see the music, I try to bring it to them and we try to keep socially distant apart," said Teichert. 

Last Sunday, he went to the Whole Foods in town and the Stop & Shop in North Andover and played some music for grocery store employees who came out from the supermarket and danced in the parking lot. 

"We are just trying to spread the happiness," Teichert said.





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