Whistling helps bring parrot home

COURTESY PHOTO This pet bird escaped from an Andover home last week but the owners found her within 24 hours. 

Andover's missing parrot was found by its owner within 24 hours of flying away last week.

A “missing parrot alert” was posted on Facebook last Thursday night as the rose-breasted cockatoo named Zoe flew away earlier that day when her owner, Rose Retelle of Shepley Street, went outside to get her mail.

Fortunately, Retelle and her husband, Terry, found Zoe in a tree near their home, which is located in the Shawsheen section of town.

Rose Retelle whistled for some 30 minutes to get Zoe to fly to them. 

"I found Zoe the next day one street over from our house. My husband and I took a walk after dinner I called out to her and whistled," Rose Retelle wrote in an email to the Townsman.

"She answered from high up in a tree and when she saw me came down to the wires. I then had Terry go back to the house and grab her food, a blanket, and her carrier.  After about 30 minutes of whistling back and forth asking her to fly down, Terry got her cage as she was very scared.

"He came back with it in the back of his truck, we wheeled it over to some bushes and she flew down," Retelle wrote. "She was in good shape overall. She drank a lot of water and was hungry, but other than that she checked out fine."

Retelle stated it was "a huge relief having her back and we felt extremely lucky to have found her within 24 hours."

Zoe's  wings are clipped, but she can still fly. Zoe's cockatoo breed is native to Australia. Bold and loud, it can be found in open country in almost all parts of mainland Australia.



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