92 Andover St: Joseph Ogrodowczyk to Conrado and Aileen Suriaga, $812,000

2 Avella Cir: Mark A. Obryan to Mark and Gabrielle Obrien, $715,000

3 Charlotte Dr: Hunt Norman W Est and Paul R. Hunt to Corey Colbert, $515,000

27 Crenshaw Ln Unit 27: Mark E Zuckerman 2015 FT and Mark E. Zuckerman to Maureen S. Cartier, $1,425,000

28 Cuba St: Brittany R. Mahoney to Chelsea F. Bain, $420,000

4 Governors Dr: William L. and Lori A. Simpson to Keith and Nicole Bernardo, $740,000

170 Haverhill St Unit 132: Clare M Doyle RET and Clare M. Doyle to Xuezhen and Xuejin Wang, $485,000

480 Lowell St: Gail R. and Mark Feigenbaum to E M. Cummings-Bende and Nakul P. Bende, $811,000

4 Mckenney Cir: Gregory W. and Susan G. Welch to Stephen S. and Nina A. Foote, $450,000

7 Pettingill Rd Unit 6d: Kristen O. Myers and Scott G. Smith to Pd Building LLC, $422,375

460 River Rd: PP Andover Investors LLC to River Road Fee Owner LLC, $41,500,000

36 Summer St: Christine J. Baldwin to Brian K. and Erin S. Charron, $869,900

8 Timothy Dr: Adrian D. and Lori A. Hodge to Scott Huffer LT and Scott Huffer, $1,595,000

14 Woodhaven Dr: Janet M. Pratt to Timothy M. and Brittany Patterson, $852,000

42 York St: Barbara E Mcgovern RET and Debra A. Parsons to Kathryn F. and Gregory C. Long, $450,000


24 Boren Ln: Christopher and Kimberly Bourque to Catherine J. and Malcolm P. Macconmara, $1,260,000

31 Hickory Ln: Yuskowski RT and Diane M. Yuskowski to Daniel and Mari Swimm, $1,050,000

702 Main St: Colleen A. and John W. Ihle to Legacy-North Prop Inc, $450,000


970 Broadway Rd: Zaom LLC to San Vito LLC, $1,300,000

40 Dean Ave: Harold Diaz to Andrew Magera, $420,000

20 Farm Pond Rd: Gregory G. and Amy B. Gagnon to Garibaldy Cruz and Dayris Ruiz-Macea, $700,000

18 Gloria Ave: Robert J. and Kim Gouveia to Krista M. Nowlan, $450,000

1464 Hildreth St: Frank J. and Rachel T. Antifonario to Nicole M. Medeiros, $627,000

124 Long Dr: Phillip W. Zerofski to Michael and Vanney S. Balboni, $43,000

530 Mammoth Rd Unit 14: Sarah K. Decorpo to Amit Sanjay-Waikar and Vaishnavi Takalkar, $380,000

143 Parker Rd: Susan Parlee to Jeffrey R. Bowlan, $610,001

20 Pelczar Rd: Timothy B. and Melissa M. Desmarais to Javier J. and Megan Medina, $802,000

665 Robbins Ave Unit 2: Samantha M. Ke to Zahir and Robin Akram, $225,000

17 Stewart St: Valentina and Corey Dejesus to Melissa M. Desmarais, $420,000

95 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 6: Oscar and Jorleny Gutierrez to Zoraida Nunez and Juan Rodriguez-Brito, $270,000

144 Thissell Ave Unit 9: Rose E. Noseworthy to Sovanno Sar, $169,900


237 Central St: Murat Erkan to Jennifer A. Abbe and Randy A. Boback, $629,546

120 North St: Kristen Lyall to Erin L. Harrison, $550,000

11 Tiger Row: Konstantin and Jennifer R. Lebedev to Michael B. and Julie F. Bedard, $905,000


16 Carlida Rd: Daniel L. and Dianne Gobeil to Daniel and Heather Higgins, $575,000

457 Main St: Marshall and Morgan Millwood to Mark Combs, $519,000


88 Bateman St Unit 88: Krista M. Nowlan to Amy Lessard, $359,900

59 Belmont Ave: Nancy E. and Steven R. Esty to Deanna M. Mora and Logan K. Nichols, $530,000

38 Bennington St Unit 38: Takashi Shingai to Emmanuel K. Che, $390,000

50 Bradford St: Blue Moon Bro Invs Inc to Kenia Polanco, $575,000

28 Cedar St Unit 28: Rosilia Gomez-Barranco to Gregory and Lisa M. Ezell, $370,000

112-114 Cedar St: Leonel M. Urbaez-Mendez and Veronica Vidal to Elizabeth Suarez-Pimentel and Edwin A. Suarez, $498,000

9 Curtis Ave: Brendon J. and Monique Rolfe to John W. Wilder, $435,000

22 Dawn Cir: Deborah and Thomas J. Nielsen to Annemarie and Ronald W. Clark, $544,000

13 Fernwood Ave: Franco F. and Pamela Cordano to Joseph S. Zito, $613,000

38 Forest St: Deirdre Duemling to Deann C. Jackson and Alphonso Wilhelmsen, $450,000

132 Fountain St: Timothy N. Bogan and Linda J. Lanni to John Gusler and Janelle Terciak, $390,000

26 Front St: Robert W. Foulkes and Deutsche Bank Natl TCo to Golden Brothers LLC, $200,000

2 Greenhill Farm Rd Unit 2: Kelly and Michael Zukofski to Appleton Grove LLC, $210,000

99 Haseltine St: Charlotte L. and Henry P. Zawadzki to Rafael Castillo and Patricia Ogando-Taveras, $535,000

22 Kristine Ln: Janet R. and John J. Luongo to Nicole Rewuski and David A. Rich, $830,000

69 Lawrence St: New England Hm Buyers LLC to Ryan P. Milotte, $415,000

62 M St Unit 62: Jose A. and Somara Morel to Ivelisse V. DeDelarosa, $375,000

85 Mercury Ter Unit 85: Mercury Terrace RT and Quintin L. Tigs to Timothy Boyd, $292,500

161 Mercury Ter Unit 161: Cheryl A. Barnes to Richard G. Duke, $330,000

199 Morgan Dr Unit 199: Brian A. Wrisley to Dianne Gobeil, $335,000

215 River St Unit 1: Michael Bartlett to Kristen Bartlett, $50,000

67 S Williams St: 67 South Williams St RT and Gary W. Oleson to Alexandra and Jamie Dedoglou, $600,000

29 School St: LJH Realty LLC to Julio C. Zuniga, $555,000

9 Solitaire Dr: Joseph Eldridge to Julissa Peralta, $610,000

77 Towne Hill Rd: 77 Towne Hill Road RT and Rita Paulits to Michael and Leslie Gravito, $600,000

3 Washington Sq Unit 7: Brian Belfiore to Frank and Jennifer Piessens, $140,000

21 Westchester Dr Unit 21: 21 Westchester Drive RT and Kevin J. Dorr to Albert C. and Linda S. Corneau, $320,000

16 Woodland Park Dr Unit 16: Jean E. and Michael E. Rockwood to Michael W. and Rita P. Stahl, $355,000

85 Woodmont Ave: Susan B. Wheeler to Joanne and Nelson Burke, $420,000


22 Chardon St: Ram Gupta to Fidel A. and Kimberly M. Guevara, $412,000

5 Durham St: Alexander and Leonela A. Guzman to Raysa S. Pepin and Adalgisa Fernandez-Burgos, $560,000

81 E Haverhill St: Adalgisa Fernandez and Raysa Pepin to Paula Hernandez, $380,000

147-151 Farnham St: Vladimir Cepeda to Rosalba Santana and Cruz J. Hidalgo, $700,000

69 Fern St: Josue Garcia to Marvin R. DeLeon-Lopez and Dolores F. Diaz-Lopez, $530,000

60-62 Floral St: Cesar V. Aquino to Edwin Torres-Morales, $580,000

233 Jackson St: JLH&Smith LLC to Julian Perez, $200,000

10-12 Mckinley Ave: Juan E. Pimentel to Yahayra Almonte and Reny D. Vasquez-Almonte, $610,000

655 Mount Vernon St: Michael and Katherine J. Medina to Jackeline Torres and Luis Caraballo, $420,000

64 Nesmith St: Norma E. Guevara to Rocio Taveras, $360,000

20 Orchard St: Marilyn Alvarez to Silvia Infante-Rodriguez, $275,000

4 Ridge Rd: Elie N. Hajjar to John P. Tarshi, $100,000

383 Salem St: Sacc Realty LLC to Annie O. Chen, $348,000


25 Beaumont Rd: William L. Thornhill and Rebecca E. Crockett to Terri L. Tillotson, $400,000

5 Beedle Ter: Alex Dominguez and Alba R. Nunez-Dominguez to Luis J. Caceres and Marie E. Larocque, $530,000

175 Berkeley St: Halcyon RT and Jason J. Ardizzone to Cherry Hill RE LLC, $800,000

12 Brook St: James M. and Alicia M. Beaulieu to Danteavian J. Berberena and Jannise L. Mendoza-Canales, $365,000

15 Brookfield Rd: Ronald M Laplume IRT and Michelle A. Laplume to 5C Construction LLC, $172,500

18 Canobieola Rd: T J&P M Mcniff FT and Terrence J. Mcniff to Melissa C. Lopez, $500,000

49 Elmwood Rd: Berkys Rosario to Pedro Lantigua-Nunez and Minerva Portorreal-Roman, $365,000

3 Linwood Ave: Vuty Sorpol to Jennifer J. Sosa and Nancy J. Diago, $452,000

331 Merrimack St: James and Tracy Ryan to Maribel Vasquez, $500,000

46 Milk Ave: David I. Mazzoni to Denis E. and Massiel A. Beras, $455,000

16 Oakhill Dr: Glenys L. Newell to Laura K. Rogers and David J. Porter, $430,000

63 Olympic Village Dr: Rita P. and Michael W. Stahl to Jason R. Abruzzese, $590,000

23 Sevoian Dr: Kathleen A. and Aram C. Keleshian to Francisco E. Paulino and Ann C. Perdomo, $479,000


167 Barker St: William J. and Patricia A. Mallett to Kristin and John Olivieri, $750,000

25 Carriage Chase Rd: Mary L. Monteiro to Meghan L Grugnale RET and Meghan Grugnale, $1,000,000

210 Chickering Rd Unit 103a: Mcevoy Irene B Est and John W. Mcevoy to Nancy A. Brown, $174,900

88 Colgate Dr: Mirian G. Baldeos to Mark R. and Sara M. Mullen, $599,900

193 Foster St: Justin T. and Claudia M. Owens to Matthew P. and Sarah C. Aponte, $575,000

2 Harold St: Richard N. and Mary E. Fisher to Taqua A. Turner and Guy C. Wood, $353,000

53 Herrick Rd: Lindsey A. Dionne to Elizabeth A. and James E. Suuronen, $670,000

12 Hidden Ct: Canale RT and Denise L. Canale to Alexandra M. Koskores, $1,310,000

23 Innis St: Robert F. Gattinella to Catherine Y Lei LT and Catherine Y. Lei, $42,600

35 Innis St: Robert F. Gattinella to Catherine Y Lei LT and Catherine Y. Lei, $42,600

26 Main St Unit 7: Cesario M. Ferreira to Mary Phillips-Omotosho, $510,000

127 Marblehead St Unit B: Seaport Homes LLC to Michael J. Censullo, $319,000

91 Mill Pond: Charles and Deborah Papalia to Danni S. Yanoff, $501,000

235 Old Cart Way: Debra J Carnevale M&A LT and James M. Carnevale to Scott and Sarah Zerneri, $1,025,000

9 Princeton St: Linda M. Burns-Banville to Essex Black RT and Deborah A. Leblanc, $330,000

432 Salem St: Robert F. and Sharon M. Broussard to Ezequiel DaRosa-Viana, $620,000

799 Turnpike St Unit 201: Pasquin Real Estate LLC to Zepath LLC, $130,000

799 Turnpike St Unit 203: Pasquin Real Estate LLC to Zepath LLC, $130,000

976 Turnpike St: Nazim A. Golaurb to Joseph D Ogrodowczyk LT and Joseph D. Ogrodowczyk, $570,000

16 Village Green Dr Unit 16: Kristen E. Havey to Scott T. Maki, $282,000

12 Walker Rd Unit 6: Alyssa Kelley to Kaeleigh and Erica Brodeur, $225,000

655 Waverley Rd: Beattie FT and Stephen J. Beattie to Lawrence and Jessica Rivera, $435,000


10 Darrell Dr: Mark R. and Jeanne M. Westervelt to Gregory and Alana Irving, $1,280,000

8 Erwin Rd: Richard and Juliet M. Askenase to Mark R. Thompson, $730,000

7 Greenbriar Dr Unit 104: Whynott Carol J Est and Nelson C. Whynott to Arkadz Kirshtein, $235,000

278 Haverhill St: Galvin FT 2 and Kathleen M. Hanson to Golden RT and Debra A. Goldberg, $290,000

44 Main St Unit 12: Kenneth Kido IRT and Christopher L. Kido to Kevin Sullivan, $200,000


122 Bridge Rd: 278 Bridge Road RT and Marie A. Wilson to 72-74 Elm Street RT and Daniel R. Wilson, $700,000

124 Bridge Rd: 278 Bridge Road RT and Marie A. Wilson to 72-74 Elm Street RT and Daniel R. Wilson, $700,000

Bridge Rd (rear): 278 Bridge Road RT and Marie A. Wilson to 72-74 Elm Street RT and Daniel R. Wilson, $700,000

1 Gerrish Rd: Bay Flow LLC to Nicholas Dimartino, $445,900

12 Linda Ln: Matthew P. and Susan E. Renninger to Christina Begley and Michele C. Kassemos, $869,000

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