121 Andover St: Miller William A Est and Brian Miller to Michael Scott Dev LLC, $405,000

16 Clark Rd: Steven Garten to Hong Xiang and Jianjiang Lu, $700,000

7 Delphi Cir: Gordon W. and Rosemarie L. Wetmore to Elizabeth and Thomas Burdett, $894,000

27 Florence St: Scott Huffer LT and Scott Huffer to Robert A. and Anjelica M. Donnelly, $775,000

4 Gina Jo Way: Vivechana Dixit and Jagdish C. Tewari to Nabhiraj D. Jain and Fnu Ramya, $965,000

16 Hidden Rd: Barry and Mary P. Kelleher to Joseph P. and Elisabeth S. Lonie, $1,230,000

6 High Meadow Rd: Scott and Caroline Hansen to Louis and Leonilda Soares, $1,750,000

17 Lowell St: Aaron Grover to Toby M. and Caroline P. Cohen, $775,000

24 Marland St: Jason Sanchez to Matthew J. Sullivan and Noorelle Varoqua, $589,900

354 N Main St Unit 301: Fran Camaj to Daniel Boland, $258,000

3 Pepperidge Cir: Joy C. Case to Bismarck R. Leanos-Vargas and Carla A. Antelo-Salvador, $866,200

26 Rock O Dundee Rd: Scott and Erica G. Nichols to Carisue Proctor-Bench, $1,051,000

17 Strawberry Hill Rd: Margaret A. Latorre to Paul and Suzanne Macero, $725,000

23 William St: John E. and Sarah S. Matson to Andrew W. Husbands and Rice Holbrook-Husbands, $1,125,000


240 Abbott St: Carrie A. Milardo to Karl and Carolyn Schwirz, $770,000

8 Alcott Way Unit 8: J I Sabella T 2008 and Joseph I. Sabella to Richard D. Vitale, $480,000

17 Andrew Cir: Saigayan Kugabalasooriar to Simon Cohen, $352,500

183 Appleton St: Saba 2017 T and Laurie L. Saba to Rodrigo Silva and Cassia Coelho, $795,000

156 Chestnut St Unit 5: Valk LLC to Timothy A. Okeefe, $219,900

22 Compass Pt Unit 22: P Pavan Kumar-Mutnuri and Sireesha Pendyala to Tirupathi V. Gopaladsu and Aruna Mamidi, $583,000

25 Copley Cir: Elaine Christman to Brigette and Sean W. Thornton, $810,000

45 Edgelawn Ave Unit 6: Resadani RT and Camille Gravallese to Erald Janollari and Margarita Nita, $262,500

39 Farrwood Ave Unit 5: 39 Farrwood Avenue LLC to Mitesh D. and Dimple M. Patel, $253,500

980 Forest St: Didier and Sabine Thibaud to Charles Apperson, $1,100,000

12 Gilbert St: Jorge A. and Elisete E. DaCunh to Garrett A. Melick and Catherine J. Jacobs, $690,000

1401 Great Pond Rd Unit 5: Brian Cuscia to Eliot Shaw LLC, $411,000

31 Hitching Post Rd: Water Bear Capital LLC to James and Christa Connolly, $1,255,000

148 Main St Unit A212: Ethel M. Milas to Shanthi Rajasekaran and Lakshman Subramanian, $315,000

30 Maple Ave: Michael E. and Robert P. Rezendes to Michael Bourgeois, $700,000

52 May St: Roya Yarbod to Ermal Malaj and Olger Guri, $685,000

273 Osgood St: Bryan J. Foulds to Ranger Realty Hldg LLC, $680,000

133 Pleasant St Unit 3: Alexander A. Baribeau and Anne-Marie H. Buchenan to Tracy H. Lockhart, $249,900

60 Russell St: Nicholas Bordeianu to Matthew E. and Michelle E. Schneider, $665,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 101: Mason RT and David M. Trovato to Samuel J. Conte, $320,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 103: Mason RT and David M. Trovato to Samuel J. Conte, $320,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 102: Mason RT and David M. Trovato to Samuel J. Conte, $320,000

809 Turnpike St Unit 104: Mason RT and David M. Trovato to Samuel J. Conte, $320,000

11 Walker Rd Unit 10: Pallavi and Gaurav Bhatangar to Gabriel Deljesus, $249,000

13 Walker Rd Unit 10: Danni S. Yanoff to Wilky Abreu, $287,500

511 Waverley Rd Unit 511: Crista Cardillo to Ashwin B. Kantharaj and Mithila P. Rao-Moudgalya, $555,200


47 Andrews Farm Rd: Kala L. Freer and US Bank NA to Chalet Properties 3 LLC, $294,000

3 Carriage House Ln: David M. Shepard to Shiflett Hall LT and Jason C. Hall, $849,150

34 High Ridge Rd: Joyce L. and Kendall J. Meeuwsen to Alexander J. Blenkinsop, $1,200,000

21 Highland Rd: Clara E. Castro-Ponce and Guray Tas to Sean Padraic-Mckenney and Rebecca N. Mercuro, $585,000

2 Joseph Smith Way: 2 Joseph Smith Lane T and Peter C. Spyropoulos to Kathleen Colleton and Christopher Lianwarne, $800,000

537 Main St: Deborah S. and Ronald L. Clay to Joseph and Krista Payne, $730,000

151 Washington St: Kehoe NT and Joseph Kehoe to Christopher and Dylan Ellis-Jacobs, $1,275,000

42 Woodcrest Rd: Pamela B. and Thomas B. Burke to Everett A. Amaral, $765,000


25 B St: John and Juliann Richardson to Beatrice Nelima and Elijah Mudoola, $530,000

21 Harley Dr: David A. and Corinne M. Ripa to James and Lisa Cataldo, $828,000

47 Hayfield Rd: Wheeler Village LLC to Louis and Kimberly A. Valente, $788,882

20 Heather Rd: Richard E. and Karon P. Bergeron to Stephen J. Dumaresq, $600,000

11 Heritage Rd: Louis D. and Kimberly A. Valente to John J. and Juliann Richardson, $699,900

185 Hilltop Rd: Scott A. Olson and Wilmington T NA to Wilmington T NA Tr, $499,500

35 Huron Ave: Christine Parrington to Walter M. Alves, $480,000

27 Joseph Ave: Joseph S. and Tracy L. Berry to Rodrigo E. Cortez and Alejandra L. Martinez, $425,000

1863 Lakeview Ave: Kathy M. Masterson to 1863 Lakeview Ave T and Odom Eang, $500,000

95 Lillian Ter: Lisa Mccullough and Cheryl L. Lambert to Manuel E. Arias-Alcequiez and Gilary Arias, $400,000

23 Mary Ave: Michael A. Hawkes to Sean Ryan, $380,000

22 Mcgrath Rd: XPO Logistics Freight Inc to RLIF MA Unsecured Spe LLC, $7,100,000

Merrimack Ave: Brox Industries Inc to Stephen M Brox Family LLC, $1,489,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 75: Chad J. Mackie to Natacia L. Concepcion and Donny Hernandez, $285,000

821 Merrimack Ave: Jeffrey W. Crawford to Christopher Dizazzo, $700,000

Methuen St: Brox Industries Inc to Stephen M Brox Family LLC, $1,489,000

Methuen St: Brox Industries Inc to Stephen M Brox Family LLC, $1,050,000

357 Methuen St: 357 Methuen Street RT and Barry P. Hudson to Corey A. Hudson, $350,000

97 Percy St: James A. and Lisa M. Cataldo to Caitlin and Michael Lucido, $490,000

24 Preston St: Rosalie M. and Alfred R. Lussier to Jorge Vasquez and Sylvia Rojas, $497,000

64 Raven Rd: Courtney Vinal and Danny Nguyen to Long H. Tran and Ngoc B. Duong, $485,000

650 Robbins Ave Unit 40: David M. Morato to Alexandra N. Vermot-Gaud, $225,000

801 Robbins Ave Unit 2: Matthew Lee to Charles Henckler, $282,000

302 Spring Rd: Vincent Carini and Bristol County SB to Forest View Realty LLC, $421,000

4 Thomas St: Jordan L. and Robert P. Ricciardi to Christopher C. and Robert J. Cullinan, $625,000

49 Turtle Hill Rd: Steven F. Galligani and Rebecca Shanahan to Jit and Damber Magar, $650,000

739 Wheeler Rd: Centura Bay LLC to Sylvia G. Alakusheva and Reubert Pereira, $465,000


150 Jewett St: Linda and Gregory W. Steele to Maryjane and Robert Norris, $610,000

487 North St: Kimberly and Richard Lacasse to Frank and Sandra Iacoviello, $751,000

17 Penn Brook Ave: Julie F. and Michael B. Bedard to Caitlin Kenny and Eric Levy, $639,000

4 Swanton Way: Mary A Cronin LT and Mary A. Cronin to Eugene M. and Lisa Anzalone, $770,000

32 Thurlow St: James L. and Kristen N. Ogden to Katherine Dedian and Joshua Sullivan, $725,000


901 Alyssa Dr Unit 901: William H Barnes RET and William H. Barnes to Roberta Capelson, $440,000

799 Salem St: Joseph M. and Michael Callan to Ronald J. and Suzanne F. Williams, $355,000

51 Wood St: Mark A. Knight to Robert J. Bolognese, $1,175,000


80 Auburn St: Claurys Matos to Sandra L Trapani LT and Jonior A. Sanchez, $600,000

6 Bard St: Evelyn J. and William R. Janes to Deborah Larson and Peter Particelli, $525,000

71 Bennington St: Christian Grullon to Athena and Dimitrios Petrides, $605,000

143 Broadway: Kathryn M. and Robert J. Sevigny to Magalys T. Soto-Deperez and Hector Perez, $635,000

1475 Broadway: Erin Hensley and Trevor Seaboyer to Ariana Livingston and Mictehel Power, $345,000

43 Brockton Ave: Allyson Otovic-Dalgar and Stephan E. Dalgar to Omar Arias, $600,000

20 Carrington Way Unit 20: Erkan FT and Gulsah Erkan to Eva Oslanec, $440,000

57 Chadwick Rd: Ida D Haynes 2020 RET and Kristin E. Iannuccilli to Joanne Exilus, $615,000

21 Clydedale Ave: Darren and Roberta Jarzyniecki to Silas DeOliveira and Mateus Franquini, $420,000

52 Country Hill Ln Unit 52: Linda Davis to Shruti Patel, $355,000

29-31 Davenport St: Henry G. Butts to Worry Free RE LLC, $131,062

21-23 Downing Ave: John S. and Stavroula Parrish to Leandro J. Celado, $550,000

41 Downing Ave: Nicholas C. Bradley to Nidia R. Marroquin, $390,000

89 Emerson St: BNS Realty LLC to Michael L. Schein, $650,000

317 Farrwood Dr Unit 317: Todd A. Barrett to Jennifer L. Macintosh, $413,000

420 Farrwood Dr Unit 420: Arthur M. Chege to Scott Macduff, $325,000

25 Fountain St: Comm Collective LLC to Dani Drew Properties LLC, $205,000

14 Franzone Dr Unit 14: Geoffrey W. Wilhite to Alissa Rakauskas and James Salvador, $375,000

98 Front 9 Dr: Front 9 Drive LLC to Jeffrey and Lisa K. Zimmerman, $635,870

12 Greenhill Farm Rd Unit 12: Joshua Liversidge to Associate Solutions LLC, $210,000

216 Groveland St: Virginia M. Riley to Jason and Jessica Palani, $315,000

16 High St: Jose M. Morales and Veronica A. Severino to Rutilda Ayala-Detizol and Esteban R. Tizol-Santiago, $440,000

12 Highland Ave: William J. Forrestall and Kimberly A. Jarman to Tiffanie M. Harris, $440,000

493 Hilldale Ave Unit 493: Ann Anderson and Avre Vickers to Theodoros Papoulis and Katina Tsakos, $375,000

58 Howard St: Joanne P. Zarrella to MJNS Properties LLC, $200,000

173 Kenoza Ave: Idalio Guzman to Awara Osman, $655,000

10 Kenoza St: Colin and Mary Oneil to Justin E. Barry and Erin M. Cronan, $500,000

6 Lancaster St: Lloyd Jennings to Francisco J. Garcia, $445,000

225 Lincoln Ave: Rivers Edge Plz LP to Evrotas LLC, $9,300,000

7 Lincoln St: Crane FT and Anna M. Crane to Julio C. Alindor, $500,000

53 Lincolnshire Dr: Albert C. and Linda S. Corneau to Richard Santos, $530,000

440 North Ave Unit 251: 15 Merrimack StRET and James Manakas to Lilac Homes LLC, $120,000

28 Passaconaway Ave: Lorraine and Philip D. Brown to Lawrence A. Akowuah, $590,000

7 Ridge Rd: Laura Duffy to Dean R. and Jane L. Dexter, $610,000

189 River St: Rogers Keith G Est and Judith F. Allen to Martinez M. Melendez, $475,000

17 S Brook St Unit 17: Daniel and Leslie Makin to Marie R. Conroy and Luis A. Feliciano, $353,100

61 S Central St: Angela Sewall to Giselle Reis-Pajazetovic, $470,000

535 S Main St: Amanda K. Bashford to Ann Anderson and Avre Vickers, $525,000

69 Towne Hill Rd: John and Tracie Havanidis to Kenny M. Quezada and Vladimir Vasquez, $540,000

18 Tyler Park: Jordan Perkins and David Wells to Zwadita Morrison, $451,000

33 Wellington Ave: John R. and Katherine C. Mcintyre to Patrice Darby and Jared Poirier, $350,000

15 Whitcomb St: C&M Enterprises LLC to Ana D. Quispe-Matos, $600,000

12 Willow St Unit 12: Lisa E. and Paul S. Smith to Mitchell Kasberg, $405,000


38 Abbott St: Paul Pena-Bourdierd and Emmy Pena-Ferran to Ana M. Martinez, $370,000

258-260 Bailey St: Jose R. Rodriguez-Rentas to Pedro J. Rodriguez and Solanlly Pena-Lugo, $635,000

21 Barnard Rd: Clement and Diane Cote to Johanna L. Llibre-Cruz and Ramire A. Cruz-Santiago, $480,000

61-a Brookfield St: Angel Velez to Joan C. Gil-Rodriguez and Erika M. Contreras-Reyes, $525,000

119-119a Chester St: M S. Florencio-DeDiaz and Fulvio R. Diaz to Nazario I. Monegro and M J. Rosario-Alvarez, $540,000

3 Crestshire Dr: 3 Crestshire Drive NT and Ronald Bourgea to Wanda Pimentel, $440,000

28 Crestwood Cir: Li Wu and Pengfei Huang to Kirssi Gonzalez, $500,000

265 Cypress Ave: Doreen M. Lemieux to Andrew W. Graham and Fara Dolcius, $405,000

31 Emmett St: Claudia Vesey-Beck to Jalissa V. Thomas, $630,000

3 Fallon St: Teresa A. and Glenn D. Fleming to Elmer G. Estrada, $486,000

44 Fern St: Donald R. Campbell to Lenin Perez-Clase and Jaime Fernandez-Dones, $645,000

28 Ferry St Unit 28: Patricia M Hughes T and Virginia M. Hughes to Deylee Torres, $255,000

73 Ferry St: Jaresmildania and Fausto Mendoza to Wilma I. Santiago-Arroyo and Raul A. Garcia, $450,000

193 Ferry St Unit 193: Ashley Rivas to Jose Espinal, $295,000

61 Genesee St Unit 18: Edna I Mcgovern IRT and Leo J. Lamontagne to Yovanny Mata and Xiomara Ortega, $444,263

61 Genesee St Unit 18: Gervais Lorraine S Est and Michael Gervais to Yovanny Mata and Xiomara Ortega, $50,737

84 Gilbert St: Stowell Deborah Est and Susan S. Nichols to Felix M. Bernabel, $345,000

21 Hamilton St: Hector and Claribel Almonte to Ingrid Pena-Medina, $555,000

10 Harrison St: Susan J. Muraco and Daniel J. Cargill to Yeimy Y. Castillo-Vasquez, $477,000

412-414 High St: Rafael Delacruz and Alba Santiago to Ramon M. Valerio, $620,000

65-67 Jamaica St: Elena Garcia and Miguelina Abreu to Richard Duran-Lora and Estefania Musseb, $602,000

8 Katherine St: Elvin R. Rodriguez to Ana and Eliezer Gomez, $580,000

15 Mccarthy Rd: Shannon E. Haverty to Rachida Sabir, $350,000

51-53 Milton St: Gilberto Pitta and Josefina V. DePitta to Jennifer D. Polonia and Florentina G. DeGomez, $610,000

44 Montgomery St: Maria M. Finochiaro to Juana Urania-Reyes, $600,000

1-3 N Boylston St: Ian and Jillian M. Carraher to Anyelin C. Medina and Alejandro Esquea, $545,000

11 Packard St Unit 11: Sunnybrook Dev Inc to Michelis Polanco-Salazar, $284,911

9-11 Pleasant Ter: Ramon A. Reyes to Victor Mejia and Lesbia Kinglsey-Duran, $590,000

115 Prospect St Unit 4: Matthew P. and Taxiarchoula Batchelder to Jeuris Polanco, $370,000

154-156 Saratoga St: Sarah K. Mugisa to Miledy M. Hidalgo-Desantos and Pablo Santos, $550,000

23 Shaw St: Mary J. Griffin to Darmin Then, $390,000

139 Union St: Joselito Rodriguez to Abdul R. Reyes-Rodriguez and Maria L. Perez, $480,000

52 W Kenneth St: Antonio Zabala to Emelinda and Maria Taveras, $500,000

4-4c Winthrop Ave: Lawrence Henry RT and Debra J. Yorke to Edgar R. Cermeno, $400,000


5 Arabian Dr: Johanna Llibre-Cruz and Ramire Cruz to Catherine Rodrigiez and Sean E. Bohannon, $575,000

7 Barry Ave Unit 7: Matthew and Thessalea Churinske to Jung S. and Jin W. Lee, $425,000

14 Belmont St: Wendy R. Rosario-Burgos to Freddy A. Perez-Rodriguez and Eduardo Collado-Rosario, $415,000

30 Boornazian Rd: Mary Elaine Yameen RET and Donna M. Yameen to Walter A. and Jennifer E. Guerra, $575,000

27 Canobieola Rd: Daniel Murray to Cailin Fraser and Karan Suvarna, $535,000

3 Cardigan Cir: Joubert NT and Robert H. Joubert to Robert A. and Debra M. Joubert, $590,000

31 Clinton St: Nancy J. Lavoie and Susan L. Dube to Kristofer R. Lavoie, $285,000

11 Delmont St: Rabih and Maya Bou-Chaaya to Anthony P. Vitulli, $490,000

65 Forest St: May RT and Jamie M. Hart to Rafael and Natalia Sanchez, $462,000

10 Grace St: Tina Nicolosi and Hillary Dimauro to Roberto A. Calderon, $625,000

9 Griffin St: Samuel Taveras to Yokaty Salazar-Reyes, $560,000

41 Hampstead St: Lucia M. Pais to Kerri Fraser-Bowden, $489,900

22-24 Haverhill St: John A. Piccolomini to Arelis Gomez and Nestor A. Taveras-Tejada, $560,000

2 Holly St: D&M Demers RE Invs LLC to Kathleen Drebaum, $550,000

3 Leah Cir Unit 3: Lisa A. Myers to Koren Mayo, $333,000

7 Leah Cir Unit 7: Aarthy Balakrishnan to Michael J. Tylenda, $375,000

1 Lexington Ave: Ross Bourque to Hillary V. and Daniel L. Hoyt, $415,000

Lowell Blvd: Brox Industries Inc to Stephen M Brox Family LLC, $1,050,000

145 Lowell Blvd: Brox Industries Inc to Stephen M Brox Family LLC, $150,000

161 Lowell Blvd: Brox Industries Inc to Stephen M Brox Family LLC, $150,000

6 Lyndale Ave: David T. and Rebecca J. Ohearn to Dominga Romano, $410,000

10 Lyndale Ave: W D&M Ann Andrews RET and Seleina M. Waible to Lisa Crowley and Scott Graham, $475,000

6 Mcallister Way Unit 6: Provi Lane 2018 T and Providenza Lane to John and Denise Rowley, $546,000

12 Merrill St: Jeremy P. Settlemoir to Emmanuella Emmanuel, $550,000

200 Oakland Ave: John and Christine Desharnais to Eduardo Rosario and Vilmarie Sambolin, $441,000

14-16 Pinedale Ave: Marcos W. Shaner to Belsa Trinidad-Rodriguez and Valentina Rodriguez-Mato, $600,000

63 Plymouth St: Jack D. Sullivan to Juan C. Morel, $435,000

4 Rivers Edge Pl: Derek B. and Meaghann M. Jackson to Wilhem Remy and Kettelie Leconte, $580,000

6 Russ St: Kathleen P. Griffin to Kathleen L. and Sean J. Neel, $280,000

59 Tower St: Diane R. Faucon and Donna A. Mcrobbie to Albert and Kleyra Guillermo, $430,500

20 Washington St Unit 25: Yahaira Mojica and Paul Gargan to Fabienne Polot-Bury, $340,000

2 Wintergreen Cir: Carlos G. Freitas to Yow H. Barrios, $475,000


14 Ashwood Dr: Julia C Brachanow RET and Julia C. Brachanow to Jamie Hodnett-Kelly and Conor J. Kelly, $1,130,000

4 Jacob Rayner Ln: Michael M. and Coleen A. Sloane to Christopher and Katherine Huber, $1,850,000

15 Main St Unit 10: Cynthia P. Jensen to Aleh Baranetski and Viktoryia Baranetskaya, $260,000

270 Main St Unit 22: Christopher Wood to Raneen Alaani, $220,000

374 Park St: Charles W. Robertson and Margaret R. Hagearty to James Montgomery, $490,000


70 Beach Rd: Talas FT and Jennifer J. Talas to Richard M. Tibbetts and Marvin T. Tighe, $450,000

20 Cable Ave Unit 9: Robin E. Mucha to Tara M. Sullivan, $310,000

52 Cable Ave: Charles W. and Francine A. Felch to Francine Baggett, $255,000

167 Elm St Unit L35: Nailsworth RT and Vincent Loccisano to Durkin Boys RT and Adria J. Durkin, $180,000

167 Elm St Unit L36: Nailsworth RT and Vincent Loccisano to Durkin Boys RT and Adria J. Durkin, $180,000

1 Forest Rd: Allan P. Farivs and Martha T. Jarvis to Oliver T and Old Silver Estuary Tr, $425,000

100 Forest Rd: Allan P. Farivs and Martha T. Jarvis to Oliver T and Old Silver Estuary Tr, $425,000

51 Lafayette Rd: James T. Forrest to Atlantic Broadband Ent, $190,000

53 Lafayette Rd: Jeanette Denby to Atlantic Broadband Fin, $190,000

21 Old Town Way: Emily A. Kaine and Gregory Sutherland to Michael R. and Rosemary Leary, $485,000

14 Partridge Ln Unit A: Anthony J. and Tina L. Firicano to Kathleen M. Beers, $416,000

3 Vic Lin Dr: Caitlyn and Jeremy Simpkins to Pamela StPierre and Margit Star, $620,000

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