21 Bateson Dr: John S. and Carol A. Dehne to Himanshu Yadav and Navjot Saini, $890,000

2 Colonial Dr Unit 11b: Catherine Russell to Genevieve Auditore, $230,000

30 Colonial Dr Unit 3b: NSS 3 Sisters RT and Natasha Ahmed to John and Jie Cortese, $158,000

5 Fern Rd: Gerald F. and Mary J. Gustus to Colleen T. Shannon and Nicholas A. Gentile, $625,000

37 Fleming Ave: Sattwik Gavli and Sumedha Singla to Zhibo Zhao and Jing Bai, $1,150,000

35 Mckenney Cir: Labrecque FT and Suzanne M. Labrecque to Abhishek Pandey, $654,000

90 Washington Park Dr Unit 8: Marta Ferreira to Naeem and Kishwar Bhatti, $210,000


21 Sunrise Rd: Nathan Caban to Yasmine Abdi and Leo Turco, $625,000


303 Broadway Rd: Prime Grp Broadway Rd Dra to BFG MA RI LLC, $9,293,941

18 Iona Ave: Denise M. and Richard J. April to Segundo F. Pinguil-Pinguil, $550,000

150 Jones Ave: Maille FT and Bradford Maille to Jamie M. Moynihan and Jacqueline M. Divito, $425,000

530 Mammoth Rd Unit 32: Simon Chen to Michael J. and Geniene A. Porcaro, $395,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 150: Richard J. Staples to Davi Ocker, $282,000

655 Nashua Rd: Kimberly R. Mcnamara to Jose M. Saavedra and Maria I. Tamayo, $280,000

841-r Nashua Rd: Nelson Reis to Erik D. Gallant, $520,000

64 Patricia Ln: Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Const Corp Tr to John R. Gulbicki and Lesa J. Breault-Gulbicki, $675,000

4 Rebecca Ln Unit 4: Nicholas E. and Patricia Demogenes to Bryanna Favor and Evan Gilman, $407,500

84 Tennis Plaza Rd Unit 26: Stephen S. Noble to Melissa P. Brown, $285,000


23 Mohawk Cir: Brian and Jamie Robicheau to Matthew P. Devito, $385,000

298 North St: Bay Flow LLC to Michael Capo and Marvin Pena, $330,000


95 King St: Cheryl and Paul Raimondi to Daniel and Vera L. Goldberg, $495,000

488 Main St: Christopher D. and Karen E. Shramko to Julia Centofanti and Connor Fitzgerald, $430,000


7 19th Ave Unit 7: John J. and Sarah D. Danieli to Sun H. Smith, $425,000

55 Arch St: Brittney R. Goodman to Juan E. Salazar, $450,000

86 Arlington St Unit E: Elizabeth M. Smith to Erin Braker, $225,000

103 Brickett Hill Cir Unit 103: Marcia K. Pratte to Elizabeth E. Bostic, $359,900

27 Carleton Ave: Kessel FT and Cheryl Menzies to Dieudo Wabu-Muimpe, $640,000

47 E Broadway: Rkaco LLC to Dorothy Madden, $360,000

52 Farrwood Dr Unit 52: Moynihan Gary F Est and Ann M. Landry to Yudira Ocampo-Herrera, $287,000

91 Front 9 Dr: Front 9 Drive LLC to Laurena M. Valente, $668,500

26 Front St: Golden Brothers LLC to Keiry Baez and Obed Sanchez, $641,000

28 Grove St: US Bank NA Tr to I&J Properties LLC, $219,900

174 Monument St: Jodalmi RT and Jose L. Minaya to Catherine Avang-Nkeng and Jurvet Nkeng-Leke, $756,000

15 Northwood Ter: James J. and Maura E. Tucker to Sarah Velilla and Andrew Zielinski, $258,000

23 Orchard Ave Unit D: Judith A. and Larry G. Ballantine to Sofia G. Piazza, $250,000

29-a Orchard St Unit 29a: Victoria Kulungian to Ramon Veras, $395,000

83 Pilling St: Timothy Woodland to Kyle Logue, $565,000

129 Rosemont St Unit 129: Harley D. Green to Mohcine Berradi, $360,000

132 S Pleasant St: CL Partners 132 S Plsnt T and Robert Landry to Wenebil M. Devargas and Carlos M. Fernandez, $535,000

3 Verndale St: Taylor N. Gillette to James A. Mcgonigle, $425,000

215 Water St: 215 Water Street RT and Michael J. Giorato to Mikes 215 Water St Svc, $1,400,000

420 Water St: William F. Graham to Graham 420 Water St RT and James Graham, $450,000

14 Westford St: Lourdes M. Fernandez to Leigh A. Martinez, $530,000


Barnard Rd Lot 153: Luis A. and Analcis A. Castillo to Raquel G. DeGutierrez and Franklin Gutierrez, $475,000

Barnard Rd Lot 151: Luis A. and Analcis A. Castillo to Raquel G. DeGutierrez and Franklin Gutierrez, $475,000

Barnard Rd Lot 22: Luis A. and Analcis A. Castillo to Raquel G. DeGutierrez and Franklin Gutierrez, $475,000

6 Bennett St: Adele Dillon 2017 T and William A. Linnehan to Melissa Caceres LLC, $350,000

5 Bromfield St Unit 5: Jennifer E. Benitez to Elvin M. Hidalgo-Mejia and Jomary V. DeHidalgo, $310,000

21-23 Bromfield St: Leandra Contreras to Humberto Echeverria and Mariela Lopez, $330,000

304 Jackson St: Shiv RT and Kaushik D. Patel to GMA LLC, $915,000

17 James St: Edna I Mcgovern IRT and Leo J. Lamontagne to Sixtos Castanos and Paula Rodriguez, $407,250

17 James St: Gervais Lorraine S Est and Michael Gervais to Sixtos Castanos and Paula Rodriguez, $42,750

2 Roberta Ln: Flaubert Y. and Stephanie A. Perez to Flaubert Y. Perez, $40,000

485 S Union St: Bochu-LLC to NEP 18 LLC, $20,000,000

228-230 Water St: Roper Inv Group LLC to Naiana Goncalves-Campos, $675,000


65 Ayer St: Yolanda Correa to Dana S. Tarbox and Shay A. Stemler, $490,000

61 Berwick St: Jose Espinal to Elizabeth Segura, $620,000

17-19 Central St: Patrick L. Bower to Christopher Martin, $725,000

3 Dedham St: Irene Jezierski RET and Wesley L. Jezierski to Abreu Construction RT and Abreu Const Corp Tr, $475,000

8 Hampshire Cir: Justin J. Barry and Monica M. Perry to Victor Nunez and Wendy Lebron, $481,000

19 Jane Rd: 19 Jane Road RT and Richard Bialobrzewski to Katia M. Parieti, $515,000

24 Morrison Ct: George Henriquez to Karen Martinez and Ronald A. Hidalgo, $355,000

21 Oakland Ave: Wilington Ortega-Martinez and Sergio Ortega to Confesor A. Mendez, $410,000

133 Oakland Ave: Leslie A. Santos and Michael Gravitos to Luis M. Holguin and Franchesca Y. Marte-Ruck, $400,000

198 Oakland Ave: P&S Sirois RT and Paul H. Sirois to Joel D. Perroaux-Lora and Luisa M. Lopez-Rosa, $430,000

101 Phoebe St Unit 101: Toll MA Land 3 LP to Paul and Brenda Emerzian, $594,077

6 Strathmore Rd: Michael T. and Kelly A. Clancy to Osman A. Canelas, $400,000

97-99 Swan St: Jason Sabatino to Ani and Juan S. Santana, $535,500


59 Cochichewick Dr Unit 59: Jeffrey W Gwynne T and Jeffrey W. Gwynne to Stephen and Lisa Andrews, $812,500

45 Edgelawn Ave Unit 2: Susan S. Spear to Nathalie Jaime, $262,000

67 Fernview Ave Unit 1: Peaceful Homes LLC to Virginia L. Gigliotti, $221,000

29 Heath Rd: Michael A. and Elizabeth F. Quinn to Adrian D. and Lori A. Hodge, $960,000

21 Linden Ave: Worry Free RE LLC to Dustin and Kayla Rothbart, $540,000

37 Linden Ave: Kevin J. Smith to Lorrie Carr, $735,000

148 Main St Unit O102: Thomas P. Cashman to Joseph and Dorothy Denaro, $368,000

795 Turnpike St Unit 201: CCM Properties Group LLC to John Guilfoil Prop Hldg, $225,000

795 Turnpike St Unit 203: CCM Properties Group LLC to John Guilfoil Prop Hldg, $225,000

795 Turnpike St Unit 202: CCM Properties Group LLC to John Guilfoil Prop Hldg, $225,000

795 Turnpike St Unit 204: CCM Properties Group LLC to John Guilfoil Prop Hldg, $225,000


12 Burroughs Rd: Straughn FT and Glenn A. Straughn to Irshad Ahmad, $610,000

6 Greenbriar Dr Unit 302: Panettiere Beverly A Est and Leigh A. Panettiere to Jennifer Stone, $265,000

74 Park St: Norman W. and Lynne A. Brown to Kathleen Yaeger-Ciampoli and Steven Ciampoli, $990,000

276 Park St: Grace Associates T and Bruce Simkins to Pink Fence LLC, $700,000


90 Lafayette Rd: Robert A. Bernstein to Rob Roy LLC, $500,000

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