SALISBURY — A Saugus mother and her daughter from Andover were ordered to pay $500 in fines after admitting they caused a disturbance at Ten's Show Club involving shooting videos inside the club, according to court records. 

Sherri Diaberri, 44, of Saugus, and Crystal Martinez, 27, of Andover, were charged in September 2016 with assault and battery and disturbing the peace following their arrests outside the North End Boulevard club. 

In Newburyport District Court Monday, the two women admitted to sufficient facts on the reduced charge of assault and were ordered to pay $250 in fines each. The cases against them were continued without a finding for three months meaning if they pay the fines and stay out of trouble with the law, the charges against them will be dropped. Disturbing the peace charges were dismissed.

The two women were scheduled for a bench trial before Judge Patricia Dowling, but before the trial began they decided to admit to sufficient facts, according to court records. 

According to a police report, on Sept. 3, 2016, Salisbury police Officer Patrick Szymkowski was flagged down by a club employee. The employee told him two women driving away in a Cadillac had punched a female bartender in the face. Szymkowski caught up with the car and spoke to the two women, who denied attacking the bartender. They also denied being asked to leave the club after being caught taking photos or a video of a dancer, which is against club rules. 

Martinez told Szymkowski that she and her mother decided to go to the club together and while inside were attacked by the bartender. The bartender accused them of taking photos on their cellphone. When they denied taking photos, the bartender became upset and attacked Martinez, the women said.  

Meanwhile, Officer Craig Goodrich spoke to the bartender, who told the officer that from their arrival the two women were causing trouble. They argued that because they were mother and daughter they shouldn't have to pay to get inside. 

"After paying they went inside and immediately started taking video with her phone despite the posted signage," Szymkowski wrote in his report, referring to Martinez. 

The bartender told police she asked them to delete the footage but when Martinez refused, she reported them to her manager. The manager also asked them to delete the video but again they refused.

"I'm her mother and I say she doesn't have to," Diaberri said, according to Szymkowski's report. 

The two were then asked to leave. 

They didn't go quietly, however, prompting doormen to get involved. Before the women were out of the club, Martinez walked back to the bar area and yelled at the bartender, saying she was a loser for working in a strip club. In response, the bartender questioned why she and her mother would go to a gentlemen's club to look at naked women. The comment enraged Martinez, who threw her cellphone at one of the doormen and then punched the bartender. Diabarri joined the fray and grabbed the bartender's hair, according to Szymkowski's report. 

Every witness questioned by police accused Martinez and Diabarri of being the aggressors, Szymkowski added. 

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