Kristina Trott and her sister had an unexpected guest pay a visit a couple weeks ago when they discovered a Cooper’s hawk frantically trying to escape their screened-in porch on Morton Street.

It seems the hawk had blasted through an aluminum screen — Trott suspects it may have been after a smaller bird — and found itself trapped. Apparently, the bird was too panicked to notice Trott had opened a door for it, doing additional damage to still more screens on the porch, and potentially to itself.

So Trott did the only hospitable thing and scooped up the hawk in a fleece throw, from which she was able to happily send it on its way.

“It flew off with no sign of injury. Our screens are another matter ...,” Trott said in an email to The Townsman following the Feb. 13 encounter.

Trott said she and her sister had seen the hawk in the area recently, intently eying the patrons to their bird feeders, and were struck by how beautiful it was.

“We wanted a closer look, but maybe not this close,” she said.



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