A 27-year-old Billerica man is suspected of dying from an overdose in the parking lot outside of Sanborn Elementary School early Monday morning. 

At 2 a.m. an Andover police officer was doing a routine building check at the Sanborn School on 90 Lovejoy Road, when he saw a vehicle in the parking lot with the engine running and the driver's door open. Upon approaching the vehicle the officer found a man to be unresponsive and alone in the driver's seat. 

Andover Fire and Rescue EMTs pronounced the man dead after providing medical assistance. 

"At this particular time it’s difficult to pinpoint the cause of death," said Lt. Edward Guy, a spokesman for the Andover Police Department. "But the preliminary belief is drug overdose. We will know better once the toxicology comes back, which can take several weeks. This is just another example though of the drug issues that are plaguing our society and how another young life is lost because of drug addiction."

The Andover Police Department and Massachusetts State Police are investigating the death, although at this time it is not considered a suspicious case. 

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