100 Years Ago—April 11, 1919

Last Friday, W.A. Nelson’s team was struck by a motor truck belonging to the Yolden, Smith and Hopkins Co. in front of the Joyce’s home on Main Street. The driver was E.S. Lynch of Roxbury, and he forced the wagon over to a telephone pole, upsetting much of the contents.

A canoe club has been organized by the R.C.O.A. and they have purchased the lands, club house and equipment on Lupine Road, formerly known as the Andover Canoe Club. Ensign Horace Hale Smith has been the successful manager of this club for several years, and the new organization plans to carry on the club with similar rules and regulations. Private canoe owners or those who wish to store their canoes there, may make arrangements with Harry Sellars, the treasurer.

The coming of the 48-hour week is no longer in the future but is already here through the action of the Massachusetts Legislature this week in approving this time for employing women and minors. It is true that there are factories where the number of women and minors would not materially affect the working week, but they are the exception rather than the rule, for today woman is a factor in practically every industry.

75 Years go—April 13, 1944

Andover now actually owns the Shaw Estate at 58 Main St. On Monday Town Counsel Walter C. Tomlinson, on behalf of the selectmen, concluded the various legal details, and a check for $11,304.81 is being sent by Town Treasure Thaxter Eaton to the trustees of the Shaw Realty Trust.

The Andover League of Women Voters will hold an open meeting and luncheon at the Balmoral Hall, Shawsheen Village, on Tuesday, April 18. The subject of the meeting will be “Juvenile Delinquency” and the speaker is Arthur C.K. Hallock, executive secretary on Youth Guidance.

People worked hard in their victory gardens last year, and in the canning season they spent many wearisome hours storing up their winter’s food supply. But they did become tired and this year the enthusiasm has died down. The armed services are calling may of the young farmers into the ranks; the armed services are going to need more and more food, and if that invasion is successful, there are going to be nations to feed. So get ready for another summer of hard, but profitable work.

50 Years Ago—April 24, 1969

One hundred men have applied to become superintendent of schools in Andover. They come from 23 states, one from the District of Columbia, one from West Africa and one from West Andover.

Two new permanent firefighters for the Andover Fire Department were appointed Tuesday from a civil service list of four names by Town Manager Richard. J. Bowen. The men are: Charles H. Murnane, Jr., 22, 246 Andover St., and Edward M. Connor, 21, 66 Memorial Circle. The starting salary for the position of permanent firefighter is $5,520 annually.

As if persons were unaware of the quantity of snow that fell in the later winter storms, a reminder is available at the old town dump off High Street, where the huge deposits were placed from the shopping area.

25 Years Ago—April 4, 1994

By the narrowest margin during the first two nights of Town Meeting, Article 45, the by-law amendment requiring dog owners to clean up after their pets, was approved 249-224.

Raspberries Eatery at 46 Main St. closed its doors last week after eight years of serving breakfast and lunch to downtown business people and shoppers. Raspberries' closing came just one week after the closing of Ford’s Coffee shop, which shut its doors just one block up the street April 2, after more than 40 years in business.


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