A hip, new wine bar on Main Street, stocked with artfully chosen, sustainably farmed wines and sweet acoustics that house the tunes of skilled, live jazz and eclectic musicians is coming to Andover this fall.

Theory, a wine bar and listening room at 10 Main St., is the brain child of Christian Bachmann, an Andover native who formerly worked in tech, and his life partner, Jennifer "Jenny" Schneidewent, a Milwaukee-raised woman who studied fine arts and sculpture in college and who, for the past five years, has worked in orthopedic massage therapy.

"'Theory' says to me, you have an idea, but there is exploration to be done," Bachmann said, as he explained the reasoning behind the name. He added that he hopes patrons will feel similarly while exploring their wine selection and listening to musicians.

The bar will also offer a small beer selection for those who don't love wine as much as Bachmann and Schneidewent, as well as small snacks and appetizer-like options.

 The couple moved back to Andover about two years ago, around the time Bachmann's father Robert "Bob" Bachmann, a former physical science/aerospace science teacher at Doherty Middle School, died. 

Christian Bachmann broke away from the tech industry after his father's passing, and took a job at Red Stone Liquors on Main Street, where he began immersing himself in the world of wine. 

"I was working in tech for a long time," Bachmann said. "I decided I was burned out. I wanted to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life."

"We were brainstorming about something we can do together," Schneidewent said. "We are passionate about music and about wine. We were talking one night last summer — wouldn't it be great to go out and listen to music?"

The couple decided Andover was the perfect place to create such a space for music and wine. 

"There's just a need for something like this here," Bachmann said. "I feel connected to this town. It just felt right to me."

According to Schneidewent, the couple hopes to be as "green as possible" by seeking out wines sourced from sustainable agriculture and organic farming. The pair also plans on using a wine preservation system, which means that the bar will have wine stations where a specific number of ounces can be poured from a bottle of wine, and argon gas will fill the bottle after wine is poured to keep the remaining wine fresh. The preservation system will also cut down on wasted wine and bottles. 

"Wine preservation systems and taps allow you to experience the wine as close to how the wine maker would want you to," Schneidewent said. 

The system will also allow patrons to purchase just one glass of expensive wine, unlike in most establishments where one has to buy the entire bottle. 

"It kind of has to do with finding a way to bridge these two passions," Schneidewent said. "We are looking forward to showcasing wine from smaller boutique wineries, promoting sustainable agriculture, and the science behind it. With music, the same thing."

Bachmann and Schneidewent hope to open Theory November 1. 

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