100 Years Ago—March 22, 1918

The Mark Newman house on Central Street is being demolished by workmen. This is said to be one of the oldest houses in town nearing 250 years. The old boards and inside frame are in a wonderful state of preservation, and the nails are handmade and very free from rust. Its modern history is also interesting as in this house the Free Christian Church was organized in 1845. The property belongs to William M. Wood, president of the American Woolen Co.

“The best entertainment the Hill has heard for some time”; “The most interesting exercises that have been witnessed on the Hill for some years” were the comments heard concerning the military exhibition held in the Borden gymnasium last Friday evening. A large number of townspeople witnessed the exercises which were given by the R.O.T.C. of Phillips Academy.

About 4 o’clock last Sunday afternoon a collision between a Buick roadster and a Harley Davidson motorcycle with side-car attached occurred on North Main Street, near the Square. The passengers on the motorcycle were thrown off the machine. Dr. C. E. Abbott was called and attended to their injuries in F.H. Stacey’s pharmacy. The motorcycle was damaged slightly and the windshield of the car was also badly bent.


75 Years Ago—April 1, 1943

A 10 percent wage increase was granted at its Monday night meeting by the Board of Public Works to the laborers and truck drivers of the department. Wages of town laborers were increased to .68 cents per hour and for the truck drivers, .75 cents per hour.

P.F.C. Dan Sharp, who is with a tank destroyer outfit, moved the other day from Camp Bowie to Camp Hood, Texas, evidently the muddiest spot on earth. Says there was all of four inches of mud in his tent when he arrived. And not forgetting the ladies: understand that Marie Bourassa of 107 Chandler Road enlisted in the WAAC Saturday, and will be called to active duty within a few weeks. Did we mention that Ruth Porter of Elm Court, popular local telephone operator, is in the WAVES now?

During the last two weeks, not a single marriage intention has been filed with Town Clerk George H. Winslow. Nobody has yet come forward with a plausible explanation why those wedding bells have suddenly stopped ringing.


50 Years Ago—March 28, 1968

Head gymnastics coach Joseph A. Dorsey has handed his resignation to Athletic Director Donald Dunn, calling the ruling by the Massachusetts Secondary School Principal’s Association, which places stiff penalties on out-of-season participation in any sport, “the last straw” on top of other grievances.

A photo shows that timbers were all that was left of the pro shop at the Indian Ridge Country Club following a fire which broke out shortly before 7 a.m. last Friday. Daniel E. Hogan Jr., club president, said the fire would not interfere with the club’s schedule.

Preparations are being made for children’s eye testing next month during a program sponsored by the Andona Society under the supervision of the Mass. Society for the Prevention of Blindness and in cooperation with the Andover Board of Health.


25 Years Ago—March 25, 1993

Eileen Woods, assistant superintendent for schools in Andover for the past seven months, will step down from her post at the end of this school year. In September, Ms. Woods will assume the principalship at South Elementary School.

R&R Coffee House, located in the old railroad station off School Street, has been open just a little more than a month and is a great success among teenagers. But it is not so popular among some parents and business owners. On weekday mornings R&R is a coffee shop that caters to commuters who ride the train. In the afternoon the old station turns into a coffee house for the younger crowd to sit and listen to music, drink coffee or soda, and play chess, checkers, or cards. At least one parent called the Townsman last week to complain that R&R allows cigarette smoking and card-playing by teenagers, that 9th- and 10th-graders and kids from other towns hang out there and that if marijuana wasn’t being smoked inside, it was being smoked outside the building.

Less than 15 percent of Andover’s voters elected Richard Muller to the School Committee, Norma Villarreal to the Housing Authority and returned William Downs to his third term on the Board of Selectmen and James Doherty to his 16th one-year term as moderator.



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