Anyone who has passed Aya Murata’s School Street home recently probably noticed her positive sidewalk-chalk notes.

Murata, 49, harnessed her creativity to write statements on the sidewalk.

“May today bring you joy, love and hope,” she wrote, and, “We will get through this together.”

Murata, who is the associate director of college counseling at Phillips Academy, came up with the idea as she sat in quarantine staring out her window.

“I was thinking about the level of isolation that all of us are starting to feel,” she said. “And as I looked out my window — School Street is a very heavily trafficked pedestrian street — I felt this may be a way to connect to others.”

It’s not just messages of kindness that Murata would like to share. She also makes notes that direct passersby to do a few jumping jacks and hopscotch.

“I think it’s a way to deliver a message that might bring someone some extra joy to their day, maybe a little extra pep in their step,” she said.





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