Name of school: Phillips Academy, Andover

Number in graduating class: 320

Student speakers: Keely F. Aouga and Nicholas P. Demetroulakos, school co-presidents

Graduation speaker: John Palfrey, head of school

From Palfrey's speech:

"Seniors, you now know what it takes to get through Andover. You know that you can take on an extremely hard academic challenge, you can live with a group of students from all over the world and a diverse array of backgrounds, and you can emerge well-prepared for what comes next in college and in life beyond. After seven years as head of school, and four as your head of school, I think that prediction more or less turns out to be true. I suspect most of you would agree, or perhaps will come to agree with me about Andover: It doesn’t get any harder than this; and on most days, it doesn’t get any better than this."

Fun fact: There are students from over 20 different countries in this graduating class.


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