100 years Ago—June 13, 1919

The trial of Mrs. Bessie Mae Skeels Lundgren for the murder of Miss Florence M. Gay, by arsenical poisoning began in earnest Tuesday noon before Judge Webster Thayer and a jury in Superior Criminal court. The Commonwealth contends that Mrs. Lundgren was the only person who had an opportunity to administer ... arsenic, and will introduce evidence to show that she had purchased Fowler’s solution and another arsenical preparation in Lawrence, Andover and Bayonne, N.J., at various times and that she had the poison in her possession in the Gay home.

Many Andover boys and girls and their mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, had a good time at the circus which was in town on Tuesday. Hunt’s field on Summer Street was used for the grounds, and the circus was Lowande’s.

75 Years Ago—June 22, 1944

According to Samuel Resnik, manager of the Playhouse, this town will have the chance to participate in a real, honest-to-goodness Gala War Bond Premiere on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. when the Playhouse will show “See Here Private Hargrove” as a pre-released special engagement for the Fifth War Loan Drive.

Four War Heroes who have fought in the sea, on the land, and in the air appeared here yesterday at three mass meetings held at the Shawsheen mill, Tyer Rubber, and the Stevens mill. The meetings were very well attended, and the response was enthusiastic. Throughout the town there has been a great deal of interest in the Invasion Bond Drive, but no figures are available as yet on its progress.

50 Years Ago—June 26, 1969

There was a time when Andover had a popular excursion boat running a five-mile route between Andover and Ballardvale to the Shawsheen River. It was the Ballard Line, a sleek excursion boat accommodating slightly over 30 people and for a fare of .25 cents in the early 1900’s, accommodated many a person out for a pleasant ride.

Bazaar prize winners being presented the winner’s award for best decorated store and theme, in the international Sidewalk Bazaar during last weekend’s competition are Mrs. Ethel Moriarty, Mrs. Marion Carpentier and Mrs. Charlotte Martellini of the Yankee Lady. The Swiss theme drew praise throughout the event. Selectman Roger W. Collins awarded the trophy following a selection by a panel of judges.

25 Years Ago—June 16, 1994

There are other smoke-free restaurants in Andover, and soon, all restaurants will be required to be smoke-free. April Town Meeting passed a no-smoking by-law for restaurants as well as public buildings, retail establishments, and municipal buildings. George Dukas, owner of the Lantern Brunch at Olde Andover Village, said his restaurant went smokeless two or three months ago. Sean Miller, associate manager of Friendly Ice Cream Stand Restaurant on North Main Street, said his restaurant has been non-smoking many evenings for a while.

A photo shows Libby Sinkinson and Rachel Cohen, two of 380 marathon relay runners/walkers who participated in the 24-hour Relay Challenge held at Andover High School Saturday and Sunday.



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