Since returning to classrooms fulltime for the year, many schools have reported an uptick in behavioral issues from students.

Problems range from disengaged students to kids getting into fights.

Lockdowns, school closings and restrictions on social gatherings to prevent the spread of the virus, coupled with a lack of access to in-person services, exacerbated a mental health treatment gap for children, medical experts say. Low-income and minority children were disproportionately affected.

Are you experiencing more behavior issues in your local schools?

ABSOLUTELY, I’ve definitely noticed more anxiety, troubles and discipline issues.

SOME, It seems like somewhat of an uptick.

NO, It seems about like normal.


Last week’s question: How would you rather vote?

The Select Board recently approved new voting precincts for residents that more evenly distributes voters between various polling places.

Once the precincts are solidified and submitted to the state, town officials will send out updated polling location information to voters. The new precincts will be in place for the town election in March.

Would you rather vote in one central location, or in polling places around town?

ONE PLACE, PLEASE: Keeping all town voting in one location makes things easier for everyone. (12 votes)

CLOSER TO HOME: I’d rather vote at distributed polling places, preferably walkable from my home. (29 votes)

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