44 Bailey Rd: Uyennhi Le to Westgate Development Inc, $600,000

3 Basswood Ln: Craig and Abbey Thompson to Todd E. Rosner and Rhonda I. Musikar-Rosner, $1,245,000

1 Colonial Dr Unit 9b: Helen Donovan to Jianhua Huang and Lichun Yang, $154,900

6 Dairy Ln: Jaswinder S. and Harbhajan K. Thandi to Kevin M. and Lauren M. Davis, $675,500

14 Fleming Ave: Abdel Amrani-Hanchi to Diana K. Taveras, $535,000

1 Francis Dr Unit 302: Pulte Homes Of New Eng to Susan E. Goldman, $351,885

48 High St Unit 48: Stephen B. Hogge and Melissa Rutherford to Marko and Carla-Jo Duffy, $365,000

194 Jenkins Rd: Francine Macdonald to Henry J. Pruisken, $302,000

18 Launching Rd: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to Saratoga Properties LLC, $435,000

247 N Main St Unit 2: Beth A. Mcrae and Thomas S. Marjerison to Jillian Comeau, $219,000

6 Riverside Dr: Q Riverside Property LLC to Andover Collection RT and Babar LLC Tr, $5,250,000

170 Salem St: C&M Development LLC to Gregory and Rachele Phillips, $625,900

366 Salem St: Carol G Prentiss T and John K. Prentiss to Nancy Achin-Audesse, $875,000

8 Teaberry Ln: Patricia E. and Thomas J. Macelhaney to Kimberly M. and Christopher Bruff, $700,000

33 Wolcott Ave: James H. and Lucy J. Millington to Reid Jackson and Ali B. Kornfeld, $795,000


6 Bridle Spur Rd: Laura B. and Ronald N. Kozlowski to David and Stacy Elliott, $545,000

9 Fish Brook Rd: Desouza FT and Anne M. Desouza-Ward to Rahul Shreakar and Dipti Shreyakar, $471,000

16 Hoveys Pond Dr: Jacobs J. and Kathleen G. Coumans to Moran Cohen, $1,039,000

27-c Sagamore Ln: Prime Builders LLC to Kory J. and Kristi Wentworth, $1,245,000


241 Broadway Rd Unit 52: John E. and Denise E. Keraghan to Debra A. Lyons, $220,000

291 Broadway Rd Unit 19: Geraldine L. Marchand to Leo and Nancy Owens, $188,000

315 Broadway Rd Unit 7: Linda L. Hamilton to Clayborne W. and Diane D. Welch, $210,000

1489 Broadway Rd: Spartan Homes LLC to Butler School LLC, $1,000,000

1499 Broadway Rd: Spartan Homes LLC to Butler School LLC, $1,000,000

22 Douglas Rd: Letendre RT and William H. Conlon to Anthony and Mary Mottolo, $369,900

30 Faith Ave: Eric and Diana D. Hill to Michael Mclaughlin, $290,000

42 Frederick St Unit 11: Cepulinski FT and Patricia M. Cepulinski to Dee M. Leahy, $237,000

31 Intervale Ave: Anthony R. and Mary Mottolo to Timothy A. Lefebvre and Annette D. Collazo, $337,900

14 Litchfield Ave: Raymond R. and Robert N. Larose to Douglas A. Bergeron, $268,500

36 Maille Ave: StJean Marc J Est and Lise Stone to Ronald Reposa, $332,000

1626 Mammoth Rd: Concordia Homes Inc to Kenneth Lake and Laurie Sandstrom, $459,000

100 Merrimack Ave Unit 92: Fernando and Vera L. Costa to Farheen Macdonald, $230,000

180 Methuen Rd: Ronnie J. Hoey to Matthew J. and Jennifer L. Lowe, $509,000

1 Monadnock Ave: Woodsville Heights T 1 and Michael Carnevale to Emily Makrez, $321,000

5 Monadnock Ave: Woodsville Heights T 1 and Michael Carnevale to Emily Makrez, $321,000

615 Nashua Rd Unit 4: Janet M. Considine to Maria B. Rico, $299,900

191 Pelczar Rd: Debra A. Lyons to Daniel and Susan G. Skolnick, $460,000

144 Thissell Ave Unit 15: Michael Carpenter to Biannca Deazevedo-Cardoso and Welberth V. Oliveira-Gomes, $136,000

20 Wyman Rd: Maureen A. Galevi to Kim Le and Phu Nguyen, $305,000


20 Larch Rd: Brian Connelly to Larch NT and Michael P. Connelly, $180,000


1 Ashcroft Ter: Scott and Christine L. Proctor to Thomas E. and Patricia A. Taylor, $330,000


4 8th Ave Unit B: Adam B. and Tanya R. Bonfiglio to Debra Rillahan, $125,000

5 Albert St: Eric Robinson and Pennymac Loan Services to Pennymac Loan Services, $323,593

31-33 Ashland St Unit 6: Casey and Kaytie Rice to Christopher Rance, $185,000

16-18 Bellevue Ave: Pszenny Thomas C Est and Marie Pszenny to GDZ RT and Robert J. Lapierre, $105,000

40 Brandon Rd: Bruce E. and Joan E. Ferrero to Jaivin L. and Maria E. Anzalota, $327,500

60 Buttonwoods Ave Unit 202: Angela Stefanilo to Stephanie Alex, $137,000

70 Casablanca Ct Unit 70: Kathleen J. Stevens to Taylor Anderson, $225,000

1 Cottage Pl: Toni D. Parolisi to Christopher P. Tuccelli, $292,500

50 Crosby St: Dennis C. and Gretchen B. Soraghan to Benjamin G. and Joy Fauntroy, $429,900

2 Cross Rd Unit 7: Gregory and Amy Eibell to Kathleen Stevens, $312,500

35 Dwight St: Kenneth E. Quimby to Rkaco LLC, $138,500

8 Farrwood Dr Unit 8: Anne M. Dangelo-Florent to Ashley E. Eddy and Nicholas A. Witts, $205,000

115 Farrwood Dr Unit 115: Angela Curran to Linda J. Delong, $219,900

183 Farrwood Dr Unit 183: Joseph Markey to Jasyon Martin, $181,825

99 Germain Ave: Linda J. Wickson to Richard E. and Yvette M. Feole, $249,900

48 Haverhill St: Lifeline Baptist Church to Connor J. Hayden and Moire Omullane, $291,523

23 Hillside St: 23 Hillside RT and Regina Defreitas to Felix Gutierrez, $360,000

17 Leroy Ave: Thomas Dougas and Nancy Meilleur to Brian R. and Cassandra R. Carroll, $365,000

Locust St: Chen Shiang T Est and Li J. Chen to AHSC Essex Street Assoc, $290,000

33 Marshland St: Essex Street Unit B RT and Bethnay Zaia to Marshland Street RT and John W. Davidowicz, $95,000

54 Munroe St: Ann M. Harrington and Steven Still to DH NT and Patrick Butler, $184,000

1075 N Broadway: Erica Crosby to Jacob and Rebecca Maynard, $345,000

26 Porter St: Breanne P. and Francisco H. Hernandez to Charles L. and Christina L. Callaway, $205,000

39 S Pleasant St: Cheryl D. Agnello and Antonio J. Chasse to Roberto A. Delossantos, $374,000

74 Silver St: Tanya Lord to Annia Paul, $224,500

655 W Lowell Ave Unit 8: Puopolo FT and Karen E. Puopolo to John B. Mccreary, $159,000

908 W Lowell Ave: Andrew T. Bogacz to Karen D. and Mark W. Sullivan, $224,500

70 W Meadow Rd Unit 30: David Lane-Stewart and Melanie N. Stewart to Robert Trickett, $220,000

70 Washington St Unit 302: Haverhill Realty Dev T and Pasquale Franchi to F&E FT and Susan Fossarelli, $249,900

168 Webster St: Joseph Ambrosino to Sonia Boucheraine and Hamid Kaci, $370,000

5 White Ave: Brian P. and Marcy E. Yeager to Kristin A. Cripps and Jay Wickeri, $400,000

21 Wingate St Unit 306: 71-73 S Pleasant St RT and Louis T. Fossarelli to Nine Park Street T and Brian D. Cormier, $100,000


52-54 Abbott St: Thu Truong 2013 T and Sui V. Thu to Jose R. Mena, $500,000

77-79 Bailey St: Karen Karongo to Caroline Villilo, $425,000

19 Berkeley St: Denise Realty LLC to Indo Urena and Gladys U. Oriach, $245,000

196 Boxford St: Jose A. Jimenez to Sergia Rosa, $250,000

7 Camden St: Santa S. Collante to Nancy Burgos and Fiordaliza M. DePaniagua, $242,000

14 Cedar St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Maira U. Ruiz-Montero, $110,250

15 Clarke St: Sandra Lopez and US Bank NA Tr to US Bank NA Tr, $263,500

250 Colonial Rd: Giorgina Mejia and Manuel Dehernandez to Wilson D. Guzman, $270,000

123-125 Cross St: Lora&Marques T and Jose Marquez to RJJM LLC, $240,000

9-11 Dana St: William Hidalgo to Eric Artiles, $260,000

130-132 Exeter St: Thomas W. Loughlin to Maroun D. Bechara, $265,000

166 Gilbert St: Florencio E. and Nelly Padua to Liem Q. Le and Yen T. Nguyen, $275,000

524 Howard St: Mary A. Parry to Bernarda Cardenes, $210,000

65 Jackson St: Pontiac Social&Charitable to Davinci Mini Apartments, $352,000

343-345 Jackson St: Kennia Camilo to Jorge L. and Bartolo Martinez, $455,000

68-70 Manchester St: Daher Group Inc to George D. Koontz, $70,000

28 Midland St: Wiston Almanzar to Fior D. Guerrero and Gustavo Mejia, $280,000

56 Shattuck St: Jacqueline I. Minasian to Ramon Heriquez and Asuncion Gabriel, $380,000

50 William St: Bilodeau Albert R Est and Kathleen M. Woekel to RJP Construction&Dev Inc, $190,000


29 Alvin St: Deborah Eagan to Julio C. Castilho, $323,000

24 Atkinson St: Reem Property LLC to Tabatha Michienzi and Derek Michierzi, $370,000

107 Broadway: 107 Broadway LLC to WBC Properties LLC, $949,000

9 Carriage Way: Mohamed Karim to Abu N. Abdullah, $435,000

11 Center St: NJM Realty LLC to Nelson J. Castillo-Dani and Nelson B. Castillo, $346,000

29 Christopher Dr Unit 29: Laddawan Saengsawang and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $213,000

14 Constitution Way Unit F: Ronald Pitocchelli to Ysbelis Beriguete, $140,000

17-19 Grove St: French FT and Kevin M. French to Arrowpoint Union-Grove, $3,940,000

63 Landing Dr Unit 63: Janice M. Butterfield to Thomas J. and Jennifer A. Abernathy, $395,000

Liams Ln Lot 4: Pinnacle Builders LLC to Scott T. and He H. Stewart, $579,500

Liams Ln Lot 5: Pinnacle Builders LLC to Robert and Susan Green, $579,900

155 Maple St: Christopher Merlino to Patrick and Gloria Blanchette, $433,000

16 Marjorie St: Kara and Darlene Gaudette to Premium Properties Inc, $190,000

28 Marjorie St: Hales Landing LLC to Nancy J. Mahoney and Nathan Nye, $498,869

230 Merrimack St: US Bank NA Tr to Miguel B. Aguilo, $233,000

12 Pinehurst Ave: Thomas J. and Jennifer Abernathy to Henry and Christine Pike, $322,000

177 Pleasant Valley St Unit D: Gary Castiglione to Carlene A. Ballway, $189,900

10 Ponderosa Ave: Daniel A. StLaurent to Kaitlin Hallet and Billy Pomerleau, $340,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 1-205: Platinum Real Estate LLC to Emily K. Manzik, $254,900

6 Sequoia Dr Unit 6: Toll MA 4 LLC to Rocco C. and Sheila M. Troiano, $823,515

17 Sequoia Dr Unit 17: Toll MA 4 LLC to Robert A. and Elizabeth A. Bonenfant, $649,606

38 Sequoia Dr Unit 38: Toll MA 4 LLC to Janice Butterfield RET and Janice M. Butterfield, $603,123

1 Sierra Ct Unit 1: Toll MA 4 LLC to Nina R Lasch FT and Klaus B. Lasch, $629,247

191-193 Tenney St: Natalie Garcia to Maria L. Laboy, $315,000

14-16 Union St: Antonio I Fereira FT and Rui B. Ferreira to Aneudy Cabral, $499,000

70-72 Union St: French FT and Kevin M. French to Arrowpoint Union-Grove, $3,940,000

34 Washington St: Rohit K. Patel to Wendell Oliveira-Nunes and Andrea C. Santos-Nunes, $365,000

46 Westland St: Shaun P. and Nicole M. Padilla to Nadler Ducasse and Tessa Ortiz, $265,000


10 Boston St: Mary L. Salois to 10 Boston Street RT and Christopher B. Cronin, $240,000

190 Chickering Rd Unit 209d: M Christina Demur to Alyson Modica, $311,000

50 Edgelawn Ave Unit 1: Zohreh K. Romano to Alexander T. Martineau, $150,500

41 Farrwood Ave Unit 11: Daniel R. and Maranda L. White to Vani Sathi, $196,000

42 Foster St: Philip T. Dantonio and Linda Castanino to Jeremy D. and Heather K. Perkins, $400,000

50 Garnet Cir: Katharine K. and Michael S. Tith to Lisa Antuna and Erica M. Burke, $655,000

174 Greene St: Michael V. Asselin to Melissa Rutherford and Stephen B. Hogge, $465,900

Kelsey Ln Lot 2: William M. Gillen to Belford Construction Inc, $650,000

Kelsey Ln Lot 3: William M. Gillen to Belford Construction Inc, $650,000

24 Lancaster Rd: Kurt A. and Lisa M. Bratton to James and Lucy Millington, $963,000

159 Main St: Michael C. Mclaughlin to Karen A. Spencer, $385,000

44 Mill Pond: M Paul and Melissa L. Iannuccillo to Judith Minicucci, $335,000

1806 Salem St: Robert A. and Elizabeth A. Bonenfant to Frederick and Kimberly Bleiler, $807,500

515 Waverley Rd Unit 515: Pennymac Corp to Sergey Sorokin, $360,000

980 Winter St: Reem Property LLC to Daniel and Nicole Donegan, $439,000


278 Elm St: Katharine Barr 2007 RET and Janet Griffin to Black Roof Properties LLC, $325,000

6 Greenbriar Dr Unit 209: Greenbriar Real Estate to Lirong Pei and Zhengming Yu, $225,000

8 Jenkins Rd: Francine Macdonald to Henry J. Pruisken, $302,000

5 Macintyre Dr: Holly F Welch 2011 RET and William T. Welch to JMCS RT and Jennifer M. Mcsweeney, $1,100,000

350 Park St Unit 208: Matthew Rasetta to Beach House Family LLC, $135,000

359 Park St: Corey C. and Kris Shedd to Matthew J. Olson, $345,000


7 Commonwealth Ave: Mark D. and Gloria B. Rubin to Brandon Howes and Holly Donahue, $1,250,000

208 Elm St: Old Elm Street LLC to Salisbury DT LLC, $1,950,000

23 Mason Ln Unit 23: Jonathan Pugmire to Alex J. and Kerin E. Byrne, $430,000

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