107 Abbot St: Abbot Development LLC to Param D. Gill and Ranjith Chandrasekar, $1,200,000

2 Boardwalk Dr Unit 2: 69 North Street LLC to Roshan Hissain and Nasreen Sultan, $579,900

200 Brookside Dr Unit B: Kerri Dykeman and Wilmington T NA to JCG Investments LLC, $226,000

7 Comanche Pl: Pierre Angell RT and Nancy G. Angell to Ahmet and Esen Y. Ozalp, $1,490,000

53 Cross St: Deborah L. Lenzi and Douglas L. Nebel to Mukumbi Brown, $605,000

139-143 Elm St: Robert J. Maye and Lisa Holihan-Maye to CCH Andover LLC, $4,700,000

60 Frontage Rd: US Bank NA Tr to Raytheon Co, $8,150,000

9 Marie Dr: Antoni and Yolanda Jurkiewicz to Austin C. and Caralyn Q. Stern, $760,000

4 Pettingill Rd: Joseph D. Dipietro to Corey and Francis Ellis, $540,000

26 Pine St: Robert J. Maye and Lisa Holihan-Maye to CCH Andover LLC, $4,700,000

108 Rattlesnake Hill Rd: Manju and Shylaja Nathan to Joan Hier, $729,900

19 Taylor Cove Dr: Taylor Cove Development to Wei and Kyoko Chen, $689,900


12 Dana Rd: David W. and Alayne A. Fix to Ryan and Haili E. Barnes, $869,000


17 Blackhawk Cir: TGS Development LLC to Rita Roberts, $389,900

241 Broadway Rd Unit 46: Alexandra Lyons to Joanna Houliaris, $180,000

14 Katsikas Ave: Gauthier-Sylvester FT and Sharon S. Marsh to Jennifer Rosa, $285,000

71 Leonard Ave: Richard Lane and Diane Dipoto to David A. and Rebecca S. Carpenter, $257,000

12 Old Pasture Rd: Fox Run 2 LLC to Mchaela A. and Matthew P. Russo, $572,953

121 Pelczar Rd: Henry&Janice Jacczanka FT and Janice K. Jabczanka to Keri L. and Dayl A. Pizzano, $465,800

26 Roosevelt Ave: Joseph C. and Catherine Cox to Jamie A. Dixon and Jason M. Shanahan, $345,000

36 Stone St: Jacob E. and Michelle Jata to Valarie Zuffanti, $365,000

58 Stonebridge Dr: Michael R. and Lucia S. Grimard to Todd M. and Karen L. Latter, $440,000


11 Central St: FNMA to Angela R. Dionne, $189,000

2 Corinthian Way: Joseph D. Lilly to Palace House LLC, $223,834

10 Rainbow Ridge Way: Ronald O. and Joni M. Daubach to Michael E. and Gwen J. Mcdonald, $585,000


13 Groveland Commons Way Unit 13: Jeffrey J. and Judith A. Mulqueen to Nancy Hurley, $260,000


29 11th Ave: USA HUD to Luz Polanco, $257,000

33 Colby St: Michael and Gwen Mcdonald to Richard and Tina Lanigan, $343,000

46 Crystal St: Gary and Cheryl A. Laorenza to John T. and Denise M. Gagnon, $475,000

8 Davenport St: Ashley S. Brudnick to Margaret Foret, $174,900

15 Eudora St Unit 15: Thomas A. and Laurie D. Barlow to Vivers and Veronica M. Wanguthi, $325,000

125 Fountain St: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Rafael Delacruz, $222,289

53 Hancock St: Christopher G. Christie to Modern Solution Invest, $192,000

440 North Ave Unit 20: Jason D. Savchuk and Village Capital&Invest to Village Capital&Invest, $105,780

440 North Ave Unit 152: Dana J. Brown to Michael Abraskin, $159,000

715 River St: Kim P. Nguyen to Daniel Rice and Shavana Ohneswere, $262,000

7 S Warren St: Ernest E. and Gloria E. Viens to James J. Wilson, $345,000

43 Wilson St: Michael Lachance to Karline Pierre-Louis, $422,000


538 Andover St: Sullivan Thomas R Est and Mark S. Sullivan to N Shore Receivership&Dev, $80,000

132 Bowdoin St: Jeffrey J. and Chrystal N. Pennisi to Sandra Jorge-Martinez and Jim D. Texidor-Saldana, $265,000

212 Bruce St: Apolinar Mejia and Raquel Ortega to Maria Suero, $320,000

73 Colonial Rd: Karen J. Mclaughlin to Odrix S. Lami and Carlos E. Rivera, $290,000

260 E Haverhill St Unit 16: Carlos Martinez to Jesus A. Echeverri and Luz B. Echeverry, $117,000

35-37 Floral St: Albert A. Maciariello to LC Properties LLC, $79,000

38-40 Jamaica St: Barbara A. Eddy to Efrain Delacruz, $250,000

87 Jamaica St Unit 87: Matthew Oneil to Beatrice Guzman, $164,900

46 Kendall St: William B. and Barbara A. Sullivan to Natalino Alves and Margarita Ramos, $245,000

32 Kent St: Sirron Development LLC to Carolina Calle and Fredy A. Agudelo-Alvarez, $425,000

96 Leroy Ave: 96 Leroy Avenue RT and Anthony M. Gallo to Mercedes Solano, $297,000

133 Olive Ave: Elizabeth Almonte to Altagracia Zabala-Brea and Marina Y. Brea, $267,500

23-25 Pleasant St: Ithaca Finance LLC to Kim Stevenson, $116,400

58 S Bowdoin St: Robert E. Buco to Jonathan Soto, $289,900

73-75 Shawsheen Rd Unit 1843: William Realty LLC to Alexander Diaz-Lora, $427,000

41 Summer St: Ana Rosario and Pedro Ulloa to Simona E. Sanchez, $445,000


46 Ashford St Unit 10: Wille RT and Joseph M. Stella to Maria G. Rollo, $150,000

5 Beedle Ter: Sharon Bradley and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $303,000

12 Bridgham St: Paul E. Bergeron to Biadys Mauras and Bruce Eppich, $475,900

20 Clementi Ln: Charles and Jennifer L. Cohen to Rafael Fermin-Almanzar, $341,000

34 Duston Dr: R&A Scalera RT and Paula A. Cross to John J. and Doria E. Gearty, $300,000

23 East St: 23 East Street RT and Shannon Hohenadel to John Tomadakis and Lyndia K. Popp, $349,000

12-14 Forest St: Anthony J. and Donna M. Barretto to Richard Santana and Angela Pena, $525,000

261 Forest St: Obrien Homes Inc to Olivia Kamya and Agnes Namayanja, $369,900

52 High St Unit 3: Kathleen Skerry to Anderlisa D. Ortega-Mota, $165,000

44 Kenwood Rd: Jenmar Property LLC to Julian Molina, $299,121

53 Landing Dr Unit 53: Fusco Isabella C Est and Stephen C. Fusco to Kimball 175 RT and David E. Kimball, $340,000

122 Lowell Blvd: Albert O Martin Jr IRT and Albert O. Martin to Neighborhood Prop Mgmt, $375,000

36 Morrison Ct: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Victor Rivera, $255,000

265 Oakland Ave: James J. and Mary C. Wegmann to Boris Fomo-Atcheupong and Pascal Rici-Ngounon, $445,000

118 Pleasant St: Jason Poirier to Steven Soto and Leah Solimine, $307,400

10 Quincy St: Cong Of Preserv Of Mary to Danielle Donohue, $460,000

41 Stoney Brook Rd: Samuel S. and Geraldine M. Girgenti to Heidi and Christian Padilla, $357,551

135 Tyler St: Bowden David L Est and Gregory Bowden to Nicholas Jacobs, $249,900

173 Warwick St: Bell Evelyn Lucy Est and Ellen L. Sicard to Alan J. and Ellen L. Sicard, $200,000


32 Church St Unit A: Maureen A. Hanawalt to Teresa R. Scalzi, $282,000

135 Coachmans Ln: David H. and Nancy B. Schmehl to Stephanie Rae, $670,000

72 Fernview Ave Unit 1: Robert J. Iovanna to David P. Keating, $180,000

2 Harvest Dr Unit 108: Barry N. Doherty to James S. Hannon, $272,500

54 Kara Dr: Steven C. Ricketts to Lan T. Truong, $811,000


1 Greenbriar Dr Unit 101: Ashley M. Calcagno to Sherry M. Lopresti, $232,000

30 Pleasant St: Justin Reid to Michael and Colleen Mahoney, $451,000

11 Spoon Way Unit 11: Susan C. Patton to Timothy J. and Sandra A. Morrison, $590,000


24 Bridge Rd: Salisbury 26 RT and Marsha L. Fowler to Brian M. Doherty, $211,000

42 Commonwealth Ave: Gayle M. Robinson and Gary J. Miele to Raymond and Donna Champagne, $590,000

26 Gardner St: Rioux Patricia A Est and Brenda A. Pechilis to Stephen R. Gondella, $435,000


32 Cricket Ln Unit 21: Tyng Road Development LLC to Luis A. Rojas-Belandria and Irisbel Guzman-Sanchez, $359,900

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