34 Ridgewood Dr Unit 34: Wilman RET and Virginia G. Wilman to Catheiner M. Pelletier, $285,000

Sawmill Ridge Condo Unit A: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Yue Fang Ho RET and Yue Fang Ho, $405,466

Sawmill Ridge Condo Unit B: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Matthew G. Horlancher and Ashley M. Dube, $350,600


130 Jenkins Farm Rd: Jenkins Farm LLC to Xiomara Ortega and Benjamin Ortgage, $394,533

19 N Pond Rd: Michael R. Cunningham to Rebecca R. Sarro and Brett R. Steenbruggen, $182,533


63 Annaloro Blvd: Rock Rimmon Coop Inc to David Novak, $12,000

74 G H Carter Dr: Charles E. Mcrobbie to Steffan and Tara Brown, $285,000

24 Gerry Dr: Barbara J. Chalmbers to Patrick R. Greenley, $272,000


10 Bonnie Ln Unit L: Megrew Ruth A Est and Raymond Jones to Smyth&Green LLC, $128,000

7 Chester Rd Unit 205: Chrstine Amarillo to Sandra and David Butters, $265,000

Derry Rd: Beverly A Meuse RET and Phillip S. Meuse to Shankra LLC, $670,000

28 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Suzanne P. Barr to Michael A. Bain, $155,000

5 Humphrey Rd: FNMA to Even Better Life Property, $152,399

25 Lawrence Rd: LP Street Enterrprises to Juan J. Borrego and Ana P. Casar, $430,000

3 Little John Ct Unit L: Richard Cunningham to Christina M. Dyer, $148,000

148 Rockingham Rd: Garon 2014 FT and Jason R. Garon to Bridgeway Christian Chrch, $510,000

1 Silvestri Cir Unit 14: David Gill to Cristina M. Pena, $122,533

9-a Susan Dr: 5 Susan Drive LLC to Lauralee Perrone, $157,000

20 Walnut Hill Rd: Michael W. and Julie E. Zsiga to Amanda L. Hanover, $346,533


21 Charleston Rdg: Patricia M Smith RET and Thomas B. Doyle to Thomas B. Doyle and Susan Baker, $181,000

13 Marilyn Park Dr: Verge Agancy Inc to Anthony J. Schena and Geraldine A. Schana, $385,000

372 Sandown Rd: Paul and Candice Demers to Daniel and Jessica Foley, $330,000

8 Stonegate Ln: Kenney Marilyn A Est and Timothy J. Kenney to Antonio J. Chasse and Cheryl D. Angello-Chasse, $182,000


32 Depot Sq: Chez Boucher RT LLC to Rescon 32 Depot Sq LLC, $710,000

46 Exeter Rd: William and Stefanie Oconnor to Jeremy T. and Nhien T. Fletcher, $452,533

16 Glen Rd: Michael S. and Julie A. Memmolo to Christopher J. Rogles and Audra M. Mirante-Rogles, $375,000

104 Hampton Mdws Unit 104: William J. and Loretta A. Gallagher to Frank E Perry T and Frank E. Perry, $424,533

136 Hampton Mdws Unit 136: Diana K. Cyr to Richard B. Lassow and Kim M. Flasphaler, $472,000

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 301: Cornelia G. Mirra to Susan B Doyle RET and Steven M. Bezzreh, $675,000

377 Ocean Blvd Unit 20: 377 Ocean Blvd LLC to Warren D Kelly 1999 T and Warren D. Kelly, $280,000

493 Ocean Blvd Unit 18: Thomas Sabbagh and Finanicla Freedom Senior to Finanicla Freedom Senior, $317,742

504 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: Eileen M. Cabanel to Thomas F. and Lori A. Piacenza, $369,000

707 Ocean Blvd Unit 1: John E. and Patricia M. Nelson to Eileen M. Cabanel, $539,000

939 Ocean Blvd Unit 12: Penny Allen to Anthony Manix and Debra Denyon, $366,800

36 Towle Ave: Kimball IRT and Dale L. Moulton to Kevin D. and Maureen A. Kimball, $300,000

N/a: Seacoast Crossroads Rlty to Charles F Rolecek RET and Charles F. Rolecek, $450,000


25 4th St: Gerard S. Alterio to Willett FT and Daniel J. Willett, $75,000

W Shore Park Rd: Gerald S Singer RET and Howard L. Singer to Marc P. and Jeffrey P. Auger, $292,533


24 Lantern Ln: Andrew E. Desrosiers to Ronald H. Chirolla, $425,000

Professional Office Condo Unit 21: Lot 11-C-700 LLC to Rln Realty LLC, $1,000,000

Professional Office Condo Unit 20: Lot 11-C-700 LLC to Rln Realty LLC, $1,000,000

Professional Office Condo Unit 23: Lot 11-C-700 LLC to Rln Realty LLC, $1,000,000

Professional Office Condo Unit 22: Lot 11-C-700 LLC to Rln Realty LLC, $1,000,000

8 Quincy Rd Unit B: Richard J. and Vicki Russo to David Oneill, $238,000

24 Saint Andrews Way Unit 24: David S. Huse to Michael E. Martinet and Karen Scott-Martinet, $355,000

185 Winding Pond Rd Unit 185: Steven F. Bradley to Lisa Travaglini, $245,200


5 Dugway Rd: FNMA to Dianna Jaskela, $154,900

24 Marcoux Rd: Craig J. and Mary J. Reynolds to Andrew and Emily Eddy, $399,933


33 Atwood Rd: Laurie Lee to Thomas Jenkins, $222,000

16 Ledge Rd: Thomas Jarvis and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $293,250


10 Hoyt Farm Rd: D&H Contruction to Nicholas J. and Rosanna A. Scola, $626,733

5 Rutledge Rd Unit 6: James K. Cowdery to Brian W. and Jennifer Clark, $189,700

N/a: Eleanor F. Andrews to Anderson Galloway, $33,000


3 Betty Lee Ter: Carmen L. Laorenza to Roland Silva, $375,000

5 Blue Fox Rd: Emily Caldwell to Seshank Appasani, $230,000

4 Brook Rd Unit 10: Charbel G. Maroun to Kristi L. Whiteford, $115,000

113 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 12: Lauren C. Hoffman to TTBLTR Inc, $110,000

103 Dart Dr: Gary Buchan and Susan Watson to Linda Wickson, $70,000

19 Dawn St: Jeffrey R. and Amy L. Hart to Michael D. and Allyson D. Wrobel, $371,533

23 Goodridge Ave: Robert and Ralph Meissner to 15 Lady Slipper Lane RT and Paul R. Fortuna, $789,933

Iris Ave: Salem Town Of to A E Gidley LLC, $50,533

32 Kachadorian Trailer Park: Salem Manufactured Homes to Kevin and Barbara Lamb, $149,000

7 Lancelot Ct Unit 13: Lakeview Properties LLC to Andrea Veltsos, $120,000

7 Main St: Gita B. Brazelis to Bradley Zipper, $278,000

84 Millville St: Helio and Diane M. Leal to Amy M. Leal, $289,000

264 N Broadway Unit 206: Ronald W Cooper RET and Ronald W. Cooper to 53 Stiles Road LLC, $62,000

Nugget Hill Rd: Salem Town Of to A E Gidley LLC, $114,000

162 Pelham Rd: Daniel J. and Gabriela S. Carroll to Kayla and Zachary Goodman, $452,533

32-a S Policy St: Salem Town Of to Salem Manufactured Homes, $13,600

277 Shore Dr: Decesare FT and Robert S. Decesare to Robert S. and Charlene Decesare, $800,000

Stone Bridge Estates Unit 26: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Viall 2017 T and John S. Viall, $630,400

33 Theresa Ave: Salem Town Of to Salem Manufactured Homes, $25,266

35 Theresa Ave: Salem Town Of to Salem Manufactured Homes, $25,266


Hampstead Rd: CMS Sullivan Inc to Patrie D. Lage and Erica Dove, $389,933

198 Main St: Kevin and Christy Collins to William F. Kloack and Melissa J. Deangelis, $410,000

39 Meadow Brook Xing: Craig Longsderff to Ellyn E. Sayers, $355,000


69 Carolyn Ave: Stavros G. Moutsoulas to Byrne FT and Marie Byrne, $55,000

9 Greenleaf Dr: Henrietta E. Klefbeck to SN Rental NT and Furmer H. Souther, $505,000

7 Halls Way: Thomas S Doran RET and Thomas S. Doran to John K. Doran and Dianne Lightown, $350,000

N/a: John S. Odonnell to Patricia Hart-Odonnell, $100,000


22 Fordway Ext: Edward M. and Diane R. Izbicki to Laurie A. Vafides, $335,400

24 Glence Rd: Michael Jonson and Lynn Johnson to Derek J. Iske, $352,533

1 Lori Rd: Richard Payne to Valerie Megna, $335,000

34 Northland Rd: Michael J. Withington to David E. and Karen E. Kopf, $710,000

71 Pleasant St Unit 71: William F. and Donna L. Halloran to Edward M. and Diane R. Izbicki, $259,933

46 Stacey Cir Unit 46: Charles P Paone Jr RET and Charles P. Paone to Candice R. Desrosiers, $261,533

7 Sunridge Rd: Hughes FT and Robert J. Hughes to Jeffrey Sirois, $286,000

4 Wentworth Cir Unit 4: Christine Amarillo to Jeremy M. Beland, $399,933

35 Wilson Rd: DHB Homes LLC to Brian and Julie Macfarland, $414,933

N/a: GBS Walkers Woods Dev Co to Laura and Eddie Rodrigues, $625,000

N/a: Bruce H. Richardson to Frederick G. Ladd and Cathy Collins, $650,000

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