29 Coles Way Unit 29: Larry S. Pressman and Shirley Albert-Perssman to Amy B. English, $298,533

70 Providence Hill Rd: Lafleche RT and Richard J. Lafleche to Lynette Baudanza, $290,000

Sawmill Ridge Condo Unit C: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to John D. and Susan F. Rumore, $344,533

7 Steeple View Dr Unit 7: John D. and Susan F. Rumore to Vincenzo&Deborah IRT and Francesco R. Manzo, $410,000

21 Stevens Ct: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Mark D. and Patricia J. Barson, $363,466


149 Candia Rd: Stephen W. Saulten and HSBC Bank USA NA to HSBC Bank USA NA Tr, $428,000

Halls Village Rd: Ian L. and Theresa Monks to Peter Eleftheriou and Elizabeth M. Potter, $698,866

16 Haverhill Rd: Barbara Rice T and Gary VanGeyte to Gary VanGeyte, $200,000

159 Haverhill Rd: Denise Chakarian to Jason Poirier, $325,000

238 Villager Rd Unit 70: Lifestyle Homes Of NH Inc to Brian and Patricia Gallo, $372,733


71 Beechwood Dr: Joseph M. and Virginia M. Crawford to Ryan Grimes and Kaytlin Moazeni, $299,933

112 G H Carter Dr: Sharon M. StOnge to Deborah A. and Joseph D. Witty, $244,933

86 Main St: Kismet Home Solutions LLC to Jonathan Paul, $240,000


161 Bypass 28: Melissa Contarino to Edwin R. Lopez, $330,000

3 Clark St: Andrew Cummings and Erni Dunlop to Kayla B. Digiantommaso and Cody P. Stanzione, $199,000

38 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Sharon M. Slowe to Paul J. Luciano, $159,933

5 Desmarais Ave: Kristen Johnson and Suntrust Mortgage Inc to Suntrust Mortgage Inc, $184,680

2 Edgewood St: Bonita L. and Richard J. Stephen to Jason Maher and Kaitley Eisan, $245,000

156 Hampstead Rd: New Wave Diversified LLC to Mark D. Reed, $86,000

15 Mill Rd: George H. and Judith Roscoe to Lance J. Mazzariello, $240,000

81 N High St Unit 14: Carrie B. Evans to Damon A. and Kimberly D. Carter, $234,933

11 Pelican Cir Unit R: Christopher Dubuque to Courtney L. Demont, $196,000

1 Silvestri Cir Unit 11: Mark Linder to Richard L. Zirpolo, $75,000

22 Summit Ave: Lyndsey Bain to Walter C. and Lydia Santos, $170,000

21 Wright Rd Unit 21: William B. and Bernadete N. Parnell to Robert D. and Susan J. Ochoa, $221,533


86 Ellyson Ave: Judith Emery-David T and Judith Emery-David to Richard D. Cagle and Wilhelmina Weyer-Cagle, $463,933

311 Emerson Ave: Cheryl A. Pagano to Bookles FT and Steven J. Bookles, $226,266

10 Marilyn Park Dr: Nina Harrison to Diane S. Pereira-Velez and Miguel A. Velez, $251,333

13 Quarry Rd: Webber FT and Mark E. Webber to Viriginia M. and Joseph M. Crawford, $374,000

342 Sandown Rd: Christine M. Baker to Brittany Williams, $272,000

5 Tanglewood Dr Unit 5: Kathleen R. Boutler to Samantha E. Murray, $172,533

29 Webber Rd Unit A: Amanda K. Hanides to Jessica Walsh, $210,000


28 Concord Ave Unit 3: Michael C. and Carole A. Psoinos to Michael and Moira Lopes, $720,000

5 Epping Ave: Michele A. Wall to Paul G. Heese, $270,000

7 Juniper Ln: American Inatl Reloc to Marybeth and William J. Bilton, $609,933

7 Juniper Ln: Kevin E. and Kimberly D. Barger to American Inatl Reloc, $609,933

161 Little River Rd: Moore Marland J Est and Douglas J. Moore to Stephen G. Tilton, $350,000

53 Mace Rd: Gui X. Chi to Aileen C. Maconi, $353,000

91 Mill Rd: Robert D. and Lea A. Morris to Harold A. Reynoso-Heinsen and Karen S. Reynoso, $283,000

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 105: 339 Ocean Boulevard Condo to Seacoast Investments LLC, $20,600

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 107: 339 Ocean Boulevard Condo to Seacoast Investments LLC, $53,533

339 Ocean Blvd Unit 402: Alan F. and Paula K. Agrella to Lawernce Klane, $615,000

541 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: John R. Bird to Paul and Janet C. Mckallagat, $92,533

561 Ocean Blvd Unit 2: Cottenmyre FT and John K. Cottenmyre to Stephen A. Chase, $390,000

975 Ocean Blvd Unit 18: Joseph C. and Julia A. Tucker to Richard A. and Judith A. Snetsky, $369,133

84 Seabury Unit 84: CGI Real Estate Hldg LLC to Paul B. and Colleen E. Malizia, $235,000

19 Thorwald Ave: Paul J. and Maria E. Gates to Gary J. Miele, $425,533

8 Whitten St Unit B: Robert R. Withee to Robert and Mary K. Logan, $212,000


8 Dolliver Ln: Ryan R. Hart to Michael Debitteto, $290,000


121 Adams Rd: Kathleen N. Vaillancourt to Gina and Brenda Fennessey, $430,000

52 Boulder Dr Unit 52: Nina M. Teague to Joshua Ferrie, $141,000

37 Chapparel Dr: Rose M. Conners and Neama J. Keith to Scott P. Mackenzie, $63,533

101 Chase Rd: Brian T. and Samnatha L. Kay to Kortney T. Holston and Bryan Murphy, $280,000

31-c Constitution Dr Unit 31: Thomas Berube to Brendan T. Kelly, $113,533

116 High Range Rd: NKD LLC to Dana T. Shaw, $520,000

208 High Range Rd: Michael S. Noone to Ramon Hernandez-Martiz, $299,933

11 Mountain Rd: Wells Fargo Bank NA to HCH Holdings LLC, $190,000

9 Noonan Dr: Robert A. and Lois Giegerich to Jonathan and Wendy Chadbourne, $364,000

Otterson Rd: Melissa S Marquis RET and Melissa S. Marquis to Daivd&Lorraine Obrien FT and Daivd W. Obrien, $587,400

30 Pleasant Dr: Brian R. Button and Ronald D. Anstey to Pennichuck East Utility, $94,333

Rolling Meadow Condo Unit 15d: Matthwe D. and Carrie Gross to Hartmann RET and Addison R. Hartmann, $160,000

Terracewood Rd: Lucy C Darling RET and Lucy C. Darling to Paul Weinstein, $472,000

124 Winterwood Dr Unit 124: Robert G. Tolman to Elizabeth A. and Michael J. Vacca, $185,000


19 Whittier St: Nicholas R. Collopy to Brandon Carter and Bruce W. Skofield, $303,000


11 Aspen Dr: Skyviwe Estates LLC to Joseph F. and Kelly A. Ducey, $546,000

Hawk Ridge Rd: Southern End Realty LLC to Thomas M. and Sharon M. Haggerty, $529,933

48 Keyes Hill Rd: Louis Pichette to Anthony and Carol Venuti, $329,933

20 Monticello Dr: Mbugua J. Miruru to Sigride Jean-Sicard, $315,000

Savannah Dr: Cole Circle LLC to Michael J. and Melissa S. Saucier, $461,200

4 Simpson Rd: Michael Pothier and Michae Linehan to Michele Linehan, $369,933

1 Spaulding Hill Rd: Joseph Karasha to Michael C. Boyden and Ariana Mackey, $339,000

64 Tallant Rd Unit B: Dawn M. Ivany to Henry J. Elderd, $309,933

110 Tanager Cir Unit 110: 61A Nashua Rd Landhldgs to Richard A. Fregeolle and Lisa M. Gregeolle, $342,933

13 Winterberry Rd Unit 13: Kevin D. Shanahan to Daniel J. and Mary A. Murphy, $352,933

N/a: Silver Oaks Realty LLC to Kristin L. Morgenstern, $434,933

N/a: Appleyard Real Estate Inv to Frank E. and Debora A. Goodwin, $475,000

N/a: Appleyard Real Estate Inv to Kimberly D. Cook, $462,933


16 Danville Rd: Diana L. and Bruce R. Allen to James T. and Sharon A. Bourque, $316,000

8 Red Oak Dr: Amy B. English to Laurie D. and Thomas A. Barlow, $447,533

11 Spinney Ave: Christopher A. and Chritine T. Walfield to Tierney L. Dalphond, $315,000

22 Walton Rd: Alan R. and Maryellen Pelletier to Matthew A. and Melissa C. Taylor, $250,000


17 Ann Ave: Amanda and Leslie M. Delworth to Nicholas E. Madden and Brittany M. Adams, $270,000

3 Brook Rd Unit 6: John Shea and Bank Of New York Mellon to Just Another LLC, $48,450

6 Franz Rd: Anthony J. and Rachel A. Oliveri to Kevin S. Morales and Jennifer L. Williams, $750,000

11 Graham Ave: Suricsan RET and Clifford N. Cleary to Candace B. and Christopher G. Pagliccia, $200,000

5 Kim Rd: Lionel B. Levesque to Thomas P. Lane, $323,000

1 Lancelot Ct Unit 6: Luis and Maria Bizzaria to Juan Atehortua, $105,000

1 Meridian Dr: Ronald R. Brown to Leslie M. and Amanda J. Delworth, $315,000

10 Poplar Rd: Conrad A. and Susan L. Anctil to Erin Ericson, $305,000

8 Townsend Ave: Bruce A. and Susan E. Bressack to Joseph H. and Catherine E. Ludlow, $340,000

44 Twinbrook Ave: Vincenzo And Deborah IRT and Francesco R. Manzo to Joseph and Kerry L. Loguidice, $395,533

4 Wheeler Ave: Barbara J. Corrente to Drew T. and Richard Oshaughnessy, $330,000

25 Woodbury St: Damico FT and Vito Damico to David B. and Patricia L. Mastroianni, $345,000


No Transactions in this Town


32 Hudson St: Seabrook Cottage RT and Mary L. Caffrey to Peter F. and Deirdre D. Dunn, $1,165,000


4 Bristol Hill Rd Unit 4: Janice A. Gravell to Even Better Life Property, $235,000

52 Castle Hill Rd: Jules J. and Rebecca A. Chamberland to Troy S. Jolimore, $335,000

107 Castle Hill Rd: Alliant CU to Hassan Hussein and Shaimaa Ahmed, $583,333

18 Hancock Rd: Glenn R. and Cynthia L. Diener to James J. and Mary C. Wegmann, $639,933

14 Morrison Rd: Daniel Sweeney to Bridgette Martel, $327,000

3 Pleasant St Unit 3: MTGLQ Investors LP to Sandra L. and Richard Leto, $240,000

18 Simpson Rd: Andrew L. Mauro to Kami Wilson, $378,000

N/a: Thomas M. and Linda Kiley to Nhcommercez LLC, $1,100,000


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