100 Years Ago—November 24, 1922

The store of H.P. Hood Co. on Main Street was broken into about 4:00 o’clock Sunday morning, entrance being gained through a window. The break was discovered by Night Officer William L Frye. About $200 in cash was taken and the police believe the theft was done by someone well acquainted with the workings of the store.

The Andover Masonic club was formed at a meeting of the Saint Matthew’s lodge held last Friday night in Masonic Hall, nearly 70 signed the charter list. It is expected that the club membership will reach 200. The Andover Masonic club will have its quarters in the Flint Homestead recently acquired by Saint Matthews lodge. It will be remodeled, and it is hoped to have the opening in January. (Flint Homestead was at the corner of Elm and High Streets.)

Alfred Bisset, Duncan Bissett, and Clement Bissett of 50 summer Street, E.A. Hutcheson of Post Office Avenue, and Abe Hurwich, of Summer Street, were apprehended by Officers Saunders on the premises of Thomas Murphy, of 42 Summer St on Monday evening where they were setting a fire.

75 Years Ago—November 20, 1947

The front cover of the Townsman showed a picture of “one of the Reed boys plucking the last of the feathers from a Thanksgiving bird on his father’s farm on Argilla Road. The Reed Turkey farm is one of the largest in New England with thousands of birds in various stages of dress and undress.”

Letters announcing the Old-Fashioned Christmas celebration in Andover have been sent out in the past few days to local residents soliciting subscriptions and support of the local yuletide observance. Extensive plans include radio broadcasts, mass Carol singing, a Christmas parade on December 23rd complete with Santa Claus, and distribution of gifts prizes for the best decorated doorway, the best decorated storefront, the most attractive Christmas cake or pudding. and the best miniature float; and a Christmas pageant to be presented by local schoolchildren.

There are now three members of the Deyermond family on the local police force with the appointment on Monday evening by the selectman of Calvin C. Deyermond, 11 Shawsheen Rd. John Deyermond and his son Robert, are also members of the force.

50 Years Ago—November 22, 1972

Garlanded poles along Main Street will glow with the Christmas spirit Thanksgiving night. The annual lighting program of the Andover Chamber of Commerce will begin on the holiday night and continue through New Year’s.

Joseph Monan, of the Andover Conservation Commission, received a check for $2550 from the Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. The money represented 50% of the cost of acquisition of 12 acres of land located off Chandler Rd in Andover. Under the Self-Help program towns may receive up to 50% reimbursement of money spent to purchase certain areas for conservation purposes.

25 Years Ago—November 27, 1997

At a rally last week more than 200 area residents called for getting rid of the trash incinerators in the region. It’s not just an economic issue of making more efficient use of products and throwing away less, it’s that incinerators are believed to be making people sick. They produce dioxin and mercury which are a factors in ailments ranging from cancer to infertility. open

If Andover approves everything Town Manager Buzz Stapczynski outlines in his Capital Improvement Program for the next five years, local taxpayers will see increases in the operating budget of 2.6 to 5.8% says finance director Tony Torrisi. Among the various increases, sewer bills will hit taxpayer wallets hardest, with annual increases of as much as 10%.

What is said to be the tallest Christmas tree in the US rises above the Brickstone Square sign flanked by a couple of Santa’s reindeer. The tree, cut in Andover, and set in place last week is one of the signs that the holiday season is officially underway. Another is Main Street, where the Christmas lights are now on in the evening.

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