100 Years Ago—June 23, 1922 Because of several cases of scarlet fever the John Dove and Samuel C. Jackson schools were closed for the year on Monday.

An advertisement reads: “The last of the theological seminary property located on Morton St is offered for sale at attractive prices and under restrictions to secure high grade development. For terms and prices apply to Andover Realty company, Phillip P. Cole, agent Townsman Office, Andover.”

The Arden trust have sold the property on Lowell St. recently occupied by Reuben A. Kilburn. known as the Boynton farm consisting of frame dwelling house, barns, sheds, etc., and 28 acres of land. It is understood that the purchase price was $3800.

The children of the Richardson school held their annual picnic on Thursday afternoon at Haggett’s Pond. Many games were played, and ice cream, candy, cookies, and tonic were served.

75 Years Ago—June 19, 1947 At a special town meeting, the heaviest discussion concerned the bylaw to designate the large parcels of land which will become the site of the new Merrimack College as an educational district. Joseph Monan raised the question whether or not Andover boys would have the privilege of attending the college at reduced rates in view of the expenditures that it would be necessary for the town to make in providing extensions to the sewer and water systems.

A registered Holstein Friesian cow in the dairy herd owned by Sidney P. White, Wild Rose Farm, has recently completed a 365- day production record of 615 pounds of butterfat and 16,729 pounds of milk in a herd improvement registry test.

The historical old bell which tolls its messages from the Church of Christ at Phillips Academy was this past week removed from the tower for repairs.

50 Years Ago—June 20, 1972

Summer Sales show the following: “The Dame Shop” 48 Main Street; “The Taylor Shop” 31 Main Street—“Last three days before we close for vacation”; Cole’s Hardware Value Days –”22 inch Black and Decker electric mower $79.88”; The Andover Gift House—”utility bags, photo holders and bulletin boards”; Elander and Swanton—”Mid- season clearance — tropical weight dacron slacks”; Hugh’s Pharmacy—”Shower to Shower $0.54, extra strength Micrin $0.79”; Grants—”20% off on wallpaper North Andover mall only”; Sutherlands Andover—” bath towels $1.29 each or four for $5.”

“Refreshing and educational”, reads a photo caption of a group of youngsters beating the heat and getting valuable instruction as well, as part of the annual YMCA home swimming pool instruction course. ”Vicki Lindberg, Wendy and Rubina Carver and Jennifer Lindberg are the students in this Washington Ave pool.”

25 Years Ago—June 26, 1997 Selectmen this week gave town manager Buzz Stapczinski a $6000 raise of $2000 for last year, this year, and next year, but cited his slow response to problems with the Andover High School building project as the biggest reason he didn’t get more money. His salary for last year, Fiscal 96 --$87,000, this year g it to $89,000 and next year he’ll earn $91,000.

Summertime should prove to be anything but an ordinary time for Andover author Mary McGarry Morris. Ms. McGarry Morris’ 1995 novel “Songs in Ordinary Time has been picked by Oprah Winfrey as the summertime selection for the talk shows talent’s widely popular book club.

To avoid hours of counting change tax collectors in Andover and across the state refused to accept large amounts of loose pennies. Tax collectors do this because some people insist on paying their taxes with pennies as a sign of protest.

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