100 Years Ago—May 5, 1922

At various crises throughout its history, the friends of Abbot Academy have come to its support—as at the time of the dedication of Smith Hall, when Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, by her great strawberry festival, raised enough money for its furnishings. The needs of the school have changed with the times, and alumnae have been asked to contribute to a Loyalty Endowment Fund which shall accumulate until the centennial year, 1929.

Physical training has been sadly neglected in our public schools. Many of our people think, because of the existence of the Andover Guild, there is no need of physical instruction in the schools. There are many children who because of the fee, although it is small, cannot afford to take the advantages offered.

One cannot help feeling there is a not very remote relationship between prohibition and the increasing number of murders, raids on stills, bootleggers and the mounting cost for institutional control of the weak and unfortunate, to be convinced we are passing through an era foreboding and disturbing.

75 Years Ago—May 1, 1947

A new portion of the town dump is to be opened up in order to alleviate the reasons for the complaints about the present arrangement. A bulldozer is leveling off the old area and the hole at the corner of Ledge Rd and Chandler Rd is being filled to allow driving over this portion.

The parents of the Stowe and Jackson pupils will be asked by letter on May 5th to contribute to the necessary installation of ultraviolet lamps in the classrooms. Statistics show that pupils in rooms with ultraviolet irradiation have 50 to 80% fewer colds than those without the lamps.

50 Years Ago—May 4, 1972

The police blotter for this past weekend lists a drug overdose — no arrest. The police also picked up a lot of drunk kids at a school dance — as usual --and turned them over to their parents — again as usual. These two items off the police blotter illustrate three facts which are still not generally understood in our community. One, Andover’s drug problem is a real one including hard drugs. Two, alcohol is the most abused drug — a constant problem with kids 12 years old and up. Three, the Andover police are not interested in arresting Andover kids and throwing them into jail but are out to get the pushers.

The West Parish Church is in the process of purchasing the Andover Grange Hall on Shawsheen Road. The property located to the rear of the church is to be utilized for possible future expansion according to church officials. The 75 -year- old structure and property has not been in active use by the Grange for the past several years. It had been used as a polling place for voters in precinct 4 up until the opening of the new Shawsheen School addition a few years ago.

Vandalism is plaguing the town’s recreational facilities. The Town Manager reports that such things as nets at the Recreation Center are being slashed, also buildings at the park have been hit including broken windows and other exterior and interior damage.

25 Years Ago—May 8, 1997

Susan Dalton, speaking at a tribute dinner organized by her husband Charles “Bucky” Dalton told her friends, family, political opponents, and allies that although she’s not running for office again she hasn’t walked off the political landscape either.

A plan to demolish the house at 188 North Main St to build a Walgreen drug store may be hindered if it can be shown that the house dates back to the 1600s. This house is earlier than other north Main Street mid- 19th century mill housing and is assumed to have been part of a large purchase by Abraham Marland, in 1820 or built soon afterward by Marland.

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