100 Years Ago— September 30, 1921

The petition to hold boxing matches in the town hall has been tabled for the present, as it is impossible to arrange such contests conducted according to the rules of the state boxing commissioners unless action is taken on the matter at a town meeting. The matches which have proved so popular at the clubhouse of the smith and Dove Athletic Association will probably be continued this winter.

A hundred-gallon still, heated by two gas tanks and piped into two large condensers together with twenty-four barrels of mash, five hundred pounds of sugar, lemons, yeast, and a gallon of distilled liquor were seized in a successful rain made about half past ten last night by Chief Frank M. Smith at the house occupied by Harry Gray on Jenkins Road. The still, which was one of the best-equipped found in Andover was in full operation in the house cellar and was the charge of Tony Malao and Annungio Dianeco of Union Street, Lawrence.

75 Years Ago— October 3, 1946

If this keeps up, we’ll just have to move the police station into West Andover. Most of the complaints came from there this week. A robbery at Shattuck’s farm involved a gas stove, stolen from one of the buildings. and a cow was stolen from a North Street pasture, black and white but probably in the black market by now. Well, the headlines said Governor Tobin was looking for beef on the hoof. A gas stove and a cow? Put two and two together.

Several complaints came in to the police station this week about bullets fired by youngsters. A woman motorist on Union Street complained of a boy shooting across the roadway. A Ballardvale resident complained of bullets coming perilously close to him in his back yard. Chief Dane urges parents to not allow their boys to have 22’s.

50 Years Ago—October 7, 1971

The Andover Boosters Club recently presented the high school and jayvee football teams with new game jerseys. Ready for use in the home opener last Saturday, a photo shows Mark DeLisio and Mark Mareo, with Head Coach Dick Collins, Douglas Alexander, president of the Boosters, and Joseph Pennick, secretary and program committee chairman for the Boosters.

A good gathering of voters was on hand for the town meeting Monday night. A total of 679 registered voters were recorded at the highest point in the evening. A total of 27 articles were acted on during the close to four- hour session with condominium attracting the most attention. All such proposals were defeated.

25 Years Ago— October 3, 1996

Jay Leno will return to Andover for a book-signing at Andover Bookstore. His hometown is the first stop on his East Coast tour. His new book, due out this month is “Leading with my Chin” $22.

A photo sold for $42,000 and an old oriental rug with holes brought $18,000 at a recent auction in Andover. Somewhere between 600 and 800 people showed up Saturday to see the contents of Rose Cottage auctioned off. Bider’s Auctioneers and Appraisers of Park Street ran the Estate sale.

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