100 Years Ago—January 6, 1922

Andover Hill was the scene of considerable trouble last Thursday, due to the slippery condition of the road, but despite the fact that at least four cars were completely lost control of, no one was seriously injured and none of the cars were badly smashed. A large truck towing a trailer, both truck and trailer heavily loaded with wool, was the first to get into trouble. The truck was headed toward Boston and about halfway up the hill the rear wheels slipped, chains and all, and the truck and trailer slipped back down the hill, the trailer going to the left side of the street and the two completely blocking both car tracks. This happened about ten in the morning and until noon, all efforts to get the cars up the hill were unavailing. The other accident involved a Buick touring car owned by the Abbot Street Garage in South Lawrence, which crashed into a tree just above Morton Street. The impact smashed in the rear mudguard, broke every spoke in one rear wheel, and the slewing put the steering gear out of commission. The car was taken to Buchan’s Garage for repairs.

The Selectmen announce that beginning Monday, the book “Andover in the World War” will be distributed from the Town Clerk’s office, according to the provisions made at the last Town Meeting. The American Legion committee called for the production of 1500 books; providing that two books should be given to each of the families of the boys who died in the War, a certain number assigned to libraries and newspaper files, and the balance given out to the service men of the town and to the heads of families in the town who do not contain service men.

75 Years Ago—January 2, 1947

Saturday’s snowstorm has brought out sliders on vehicles of all description, including the large piece of linoleum shown in the photo, held together for many a quick trip down Ridge Street. The Andover Police Department is cooperating 100% with the coasters and five streets have been blocked off to traffic: Morton Street to Chestnut Street, Bartlet Street from Morton Street to Punchard Avenue, Marland Street, Ballardvale, as far as Tewksbury Street, Red Spring Road from Cuba Street to Essex Street and all of Sutherland Street in Shawsheen. These streets are well-lighted at nights with lamps, and coasting may be enjoyed freely without fear of mishap until 9:00.

From 74 Salem Street to 53 Bartlet Street is rather a long jaunt unless you take it as the crow flies. That’s the way Archie took it—not that he’s sprouting a pair of wings, but with a long line of mountain climbers for ancestors, he had little trouble following the route of a crow while staying close to the ground. He ambled up on the porch of the John Petrie residence and nosed around a bit to see what kind of reception he would get. Apparently, someone in the household, seeing a bearded and horned stranger in such close proximity, was startled into telephoning 390, and Sgt. Nicoll hurried around in the police car to pick up the disturber of peace. You would almost have supposed that the Andover Police Force was used to harboring wayward goats.

50 Years Ago—January 6, 1972

A photo shows Johnny Bucyk, Heart Fund Ambassador for the Northeast Chapter, Massachusetts Heart Association’s Fund Campaign, giving eight year old Michael Burke, the 1972 Prince of Hearts, pointers on scoring goals as they aim together for a high goal of this year’s Heart Fund Campaign.

It has come to our attention that some of the town’s public elementary schools have done away with school patrols, at parental request. Schools so affected include the Sanborn, where complaints of child molesting of two girls was recently investigated. South, where a six-year-old was struck by a car going home from school and Bancroft. School safety patrols have been in existence for a number of years, and for as long as one cares to remember. They have been a vital force guiding the youngsters safely to and from schools. We strongly urge the reinstitution of these safety patrols where they have been abandoned. (partial editorial)

An important public hearing is scheduled for next Thursday night in Memorial Hall Library. The committee studying Andover’s town meeting form of government, will listen to the public views on the subject. Much comment has followed annual and special town meetings in recent years, particularly in the year just past. Advocates of a change to representative town meeting have put forth their proposals, and apparently will continue their efforts. (partial editorial)

25 Years Ago—January 9, 1997

A panel of five judges this week awarded the 1996 Andover Townsman Community Spirit Award to the League of Women Voters of Andover/North Andover. A photo shows Madhu Sridhar(current president), and past presidents, Jinny Cole, Joanne Marden, Jan Burkholder, Ginny Cascino, Sue Jenkins and Joyce Robinson.

Frank M. “Skip” Eccles and Timothy J. McCarron will pursue one of the two available School Committee seats, and John Wragg will oppose James E. Fox for the one- year seat that represents the remainder of former Selectman Barry Finegold’s term. Mr. Finegold resigned his town post after he was elected state representative in November.

The operator of Backstreet Again restaurant told selectmen Monday that the reason patrons were still sitting at the bar after hours one morning back in October was because they’d been waiting for Jay Leno to arrive for his pepperoni pizza. Despite the excuse, selectmen voted to issue a letter of reprimand to the restaurant for serving liquor after hours as is their policy for a first offense.

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