Andover damilies deserve Fusion Academy

Michelle Houlihan

As an educator for more than 10 years, I have seen first-hand the impact of positive student-teacher relationships on student success and well-being.

Fusion Academy Andover, a private school that does not receive any public funding, is rooted in that approach – personal relationships designed to meet the needs of students emotionally, socially and academically. Thousands of students across more than 50 Fusion campuses throughout the country, including several here in the Boston area, have benefited from our one-to-one model. Thus, we are disappointed that our efforts in Andover have yet to result in a Fusion Academy option for Andover families. While we are disappointed, we remain committed to the Andover community and believe that subsequent submissions to the school committee will satisfy the district’s approval guidelines.

Our model is proven. According to our most recent Education Impact Report, 85 percent of both parents and students report more learning and academic success at Fusion compared to their previous school. Beyond that, in a rare feat for secondary school organizations, we recently earned accreditation by all major accrediting bodies in the United States. Our curriculum is designed to be equivalent to and comply with Massachusetts State Curriculum frameworks and standards.

We appreciate the Andover Public School district’s commitment to the community it serves, and we at Fusion Academy Andover are also committed – committed to those local families seeking an education options that is the right fit for their children. We believe that this shared goal of serving the students and families of Andover through rigorous academic offerings will lead to a strong, collaborative relationship between our school and the district moving forward.

Given the success the Fusion model has seen across the country in providing critical support to students – in many cases, students who come to us at the recommendation of their local public school – we know our school would be a welcome resource to local families. We’re already seeing a tremendous response from families at Fusion Academy campuses in nearby Newton and Burlington.

While an Andover education is a great fit for many students, Fusion Academy Andover is a needed solution for some students that, for whatever reason, are not experiencing success in school.

At Fusion, we customize every aspect of the educational experience for our students in grades 6-12, while also offering a rigorous curriculum. Fusion Academy schools draw experts in their field to the classroom, including more than 1,000 teachers to campuses across the U.S. For this reason, we are confident Fusion will help students thrive here in Andover.

We use multiple measures of success to develop lesson plans for our students. Our robust understanding of a student-focused education ensures academic outcomes are met alongside improved well-being and life satisfaction – critical components of the school experience that have a transformative effect on our students.

As Fusion schools – and, more importantly, parents – continue to see lives changed across the country, we wish to do the same for students and families right here in Andover. We are grateful to the many parents, students and professionals who have reached out to show their support, and we are not giving up on those who need us most. To that end, we intend to resubmit our application, and in doing so, come one step closer to offering a one-of-a-kind education for the students of Andover.

Michelle Houlihan is the Head of School for Fusion Academy Andove


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